The Bohemian Bride

The arrival of spring and summer bring along the wedding season. If you are a bride to be and still haven’t decided on the style of your dress, or simply if you want bridal inspiration for the future, keep reading because I will discuss the bohemian bride.

The bohemian, or boho, is a casual, natural, laid back kind of person, with a unique and eclectic style. I am a big fan of the boho-chic trend and if you feel that it truly reflects your character, you can pull off the perfect relaxed look for your wedding day.




Think lace, fringe, beading, chiffon, silk and organza for fabric, anything that is soft and flowy.




Leave your hair in loose waves, and add head pieces such as a floral crown, a simple flower pinned to the side, or a head band. If you prefer an updo, decorate it with flowers or an entwined braid.




Don’t go overboard with strong makeup, stick to natural tones that compliment your coloring. Makeup should be romantic, ethereal and innocent.

The most important thing to remember for the bohemian bride, is a relaxed and carefree mood, and the willingness to be unconventional in style.

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