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  • The Fish House Intercontinental Dubai

    The Fish House Intercontinental Dubai

    Dubai Festival City has been dubbed a self sufficient “city within a city” and includes residential, business and entertainment developments gravitating towards the waterfront. The Intercontinental in Dubai Festival City stands firm facing the water and boasts a ...
  • Manzil Downtown Dubai

    Manzil Downtown Dubai

    In a world full of standardized hotels and themes, stands one who stays true to the Oriental setting it is in and spreads the renowned Middle Eastern hospitality to international guests. I had heard a lot about Manzil being the home away from home, and wanted to experience ...
  • Tattoos Are More Than Body Art

    Tattoos Are More Than Body Art

    One of the questions I get asked the most is about my tattoos, what they mean, whether they hurt or not, and how I chose my artists. Every time I decide on sharing their meaning and the inspiration behind each, I get held back by the fear of exposing my emotions too much, ...
  • Paris Fashion Week 101

    Paris Fashion Week 101

    Life is all about making things happen, and for me, one of the things I had always wanted to tick off my bucket list was Couture Week. Not only as a blogger (4 years and counting), but for the child in me who used to look wide eyed at magazine spreads, watching Fashion TV, ...
  • The Great Friendship Purge Of 2017

    The Great Friendship Purge Of 2017

    A new year doesn’t mean too much to me, I don’t set new goals and I don’t force resolutions upon myself knowing I won’t keep them. However the fourth quarter of 2017 brought with it my first writing hiatus that lasted a few months, stemming from the lack of inspiration and ...
  • The Doers Club

    The Doers Club

    I am known as Maria the style blogger, (or as many people call me “style me”) who is always attending posh events in the most casual outfits. “Don’t you feel awkward?”, they ask. “Kudos for staying true to your personal style!”, they ...

The Fish House Intercontinental Dubai