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  • Family Vacation To Letoonia Club

    Family Vacation To Letoonia Club

    My husband and I wanted to take the kids for a summer vacation to a destination that isn’t far from Beirut, is kids friendly, and leaning towards fun and easy going as opposed to a walking and sightseeing focused destination. We automatically thought of Turkey because it ...
  • An Insider's Reflections

    An Insider’s Reflections

    *A little note before I begin, I’m speaking as a person on the inside of social media who manages to stay level headed and view things as an outsider, I am in no way passing judgement but merely stating what I see as a demise. That being said, I’m not here to please ...
  • The Fish House Intercontinental Dubai

    The Fish House Intercontinental Dubai

    Dubai Festival City has been dubbed a self sufficient “city within a city” and includes residential, business and entertainment developments gravitating towards the waterfront. The Intercontinental in Dubai Festival City stands firm facing the water and boasts a ...
  • Manzil Downtown Dubai

    Manzil Downtown Dubai

    In a world full of standardized hotels and themes, stands one who stays true to the Oriental setting it is in and spreads the renowned Middle Eastern hospitality to international guests. I had heard a lot about Manzil being the home away from home, and wanted to experience ...
  • Tattoos Are More Than Body Art

    Tattoos Are More Than Body Art

    One of the questions I get asked the most is about my tattoos, what they mean, whether they hurt or not, and how I chose my artists. Every time I decide on sharing their meaning and the inspiration behind each, I get held back by the fear of exposing my emotions too much, ...
  • Paris Fashion Week 101

    Paris Fashion Week 101

    Life is all about making things happen, and for me, one of the things I had always wanted to tick off my bucket list was Couture Week. Not only as a blogger (4 years and counting), but for the child in me who used to look wide eyed at magazine spreads, watching Fashion TV, ...

Family Vacation To Letoonia Club