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  • Restaurant Review: East Village

    Restaurant Review: East Village

    I’m quite late to the Badaro game, so for my initiation to the area last Saturday night, I chose East Village. I had been hearing good reviews about the place and I wanted to try it because of the reference to my soft spot, New York City. We took a walk in the area and ...
  • My Weight Loss Journey Begins

    My Weight Loss Journey Begins

    Anyone who has struggled with weight gain and loss over and over again is no stranger to the frustration of the added kilos, and the delight of those lost. Some people have metabolisms that help them burn their calorie intake quickly, and I envy those people, because what is ...
  • Preparing Your Eldest Child For A New Baby

    Preparing Your Eldest Child For A New Baby

    Foreword I scrambled my thoughts together to write a parenting post gathered from my first hand experience on how I prepared Tracy deal with the arrival of her little brother Fares, and how I helped her adjust. I must say that these are in no way foolproof, nor have I read ...
  • Lebanese Fine Dining At Bou Melhem

    Lebanese Fine Dining At Bou Melhem

    If you think that Lebanese restaurants are stuck in a rut, then you definitely haven’t tried Bou Melhem, which gives the industry a run for their money. Never have I witnessed such service, from the speed of the dishes being placed on the table, to the attentiveness of ...
  • Summer Nights At Amethyste Phoenicia Lounge

    Summer Nights At Amethyste Phoenicia Lounge

    When one thinks of the staple Beiruti hotel, Phoenicia is the first name that comes to mind. This low key spot is an integral part of the city and hides a little gem that goes by the name of Amethyste. This lounge combines the renowned cuisine of Phoenicia’s top chefs ...
  • Restaurant Review: Coast

    Restaurant Review: Coast

    I love cities with a waterfront and I’m lucky enough to live in Lebanon that brings the sea to life with endless dining options of various cuisines along the coast. I’m particularly fond of Zaitunay Bay and the stroll on the dock, and although the sun can be ...

Restaurant Review: East Village