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  • Summer Nights At Amethyste Phoenicia Lounge

    Summer Nights At Amethyste Phoenicia Lounge

    When one thinks of the staple Beiruti hotel, Phoenicia is the first name that comes to mind. This low key spot is an integral part of the city and hides a little gem that goes by the name of Amethyste. This lounge combines the renowned cuisine of Phoenicia’s top chefs ...
  • Restaurant Review: Coast

    Restaurant Review: Coast

    I love cities with a waterfront and I’m lucky enough to live in Lebanon that brings the sea to life with endless dining options of various cuisines along the coast. I’m particularly fond of Zaitunay Bay and the stroll on the dock, and although the sun can be ...
  • 7 Hours In Athens

    7 Hours In Athens

    What do you do when you have a long layover at the airport? Make the most of it, go out and explore! That’s exactly what I did when my husband and I landed in Greece awaiting our flight back home. In fact we had a total of 7 hours from touchdown to take-off, so it […]
  • 10 Tips For Surviving The Terrible Twos

    10 Tips For Surviving The Terrible Twos

    My daughter Tracy’s 3rd birthday is around the corner, and reflecting on the past year, or what is known as the ‘terrible twos’, I thought it would be a good idea to share my survival tips with my mom readers who are approaching this phase. 1. Put a ...
  • Summer Destination: Beit Nazha

    Summer Destination: Beit Nazha

    Nestled in the old souk of Byblos is the traditional Lebanese restaurant, Beit Nazha, where Zomato held a recent brunch. We were introduced to the concept, the food, and the management whose mission is to serve great tasting food up to the customer’s satisfaction. The ...
  • The Free Nail Whitening Hack

    The Free Nail Whitening Hack

    I have always had an issue with my nails. I started applying nail polish 10 to 15 years ago and have done so religiously on a weekly basis. I do my best to apply a good base coat to protect my nails but somehow they seemed to turn yellow after each polish application and ...

Summer Nights At Amethyste Phoenicia Lounge