Copy Paste Paste Paste

An eternal pet peeve of mine is the lack of individuality in our part of the world. People are always afraid of other people judging them, so they do whatever it takes to please said people. My question to you is, why not please yourselves? I can’t even fathom why some girls feel obligated to follow fashion rules to be considered fashionistas, what an abused adjective that turned out to be.

When it comes to fashion, everyone is so busy following the latest trends and getting sucked into the “must haves” of each season, that they forget that once they walk out the door, every other person will be wearing the exact outfit. Whatever happened to panicking when girls saw someone else wearing the same dress, is it so last century? My eyes hurt from the sea of light blue blouses that are either dresses, off the shoulder tops, or can be tied at the waist. And so on and so forth every season with a different trend that becomes so overdone and over-worn. read more

The Simplest Spring Hair Style

Great news for laid back fashionistas, one of the biggest hair trends for this Spring 2015 is loose waves. You don’t need to have curly hair because it also works for straight hair, the key is tousled out-of-bed style with strands in every direction. Its practically the easiest style, just leave your hair down casually and you’re ready to go. Take a look at these photos straight from the runway, Spring hair has never been better!








Gingham For This Spring

One of the trends that is dominating the runway for this Spring season is gingham. We are all familiar with this type of fabric and pattern, mainly the common inexpensive tablecloth. This season it is no longer for the kitchen and restaurant, but has entered the fashion world. If you spot this pattern while shopping, don’t be alarmed, go ahead and pick it up for a trendy fresh look!




This Holiday Season, Why Not Under-Dress?

A lot of magazine and social media focus for women around the holidays is what to wear, and most of the time it is an over the top outfit.

So they tell you to wear a fancy dress or sequined skirt? Well I’m here to say, go against that trend.

There is really no sense in buying holiday outfits unless you are under 10 years old. In doing so, you would only be buying an item that will go on sale in about a week, and that you will probably never wear again. Instead of that, why not mix and match from your own closet? Is there an item you have purchased and never worn? Do you have a go to pair of pants that are really flattering? Combine those items and add your own holiday twist to them. Consider a broche or a vintage necklace, play things up with your makeup, wear some heels to a simple outfit or in my case (I loathe heels) ballet flats. read more

Fashion At The American Music Awards

The 42nd American Music Awards were held on November 23, 2014. Like all award shows, the walk down the red carpet is anticipated by fashion lovers to see what the celebrities are wearing. Although I am critical by nature, I do respect each person’s style, so instead of naming my post ‘The Best And Worst Dressed’, I will list some of the memorable fashion moments whether good or bad.

Lets start with Fergie wearing Halston Heritage. The chic black is accentuated with the gold which goes perfectly well with her hair color and skin tone. The high slit in the dress is balanced by the high collar, not attracting attention to more than one area, and is mirrored by the side part of her hair. The metallic shoe straps match the gold dress embellishments perfectly. read more

The Shoes I Wore For 1 Week Straight

I had recently purchased a pair of Skechers ‘On-The-Go’ from the States, and although I was about to walk out the store without them, I had hunch telling me to buy them and I’m glad I did. 

I boast quite a large collection of shoes, especially sneakers, so I usually wear a different pair each day. But as soon as I put the Skechers on, I couldn’t take them off. Why? Because their soles are soft which make walking and standing super easy. At the end of my work week it struck me that I hadn’t taken these shoes off, and I thought I must share them with you! I spotted ones similar to them in Skechers City Center but they aren’t the same design, I hope they will be available in Lebanon soon, and I highly recommend you get a pair! read more

Givenchy’s Bambi Line

There are some trends I just can’t sit back and say nothing about, and this one in particular goes somewhere between my ‘Save or Splurge’ and ‘Pet Peeves’ category. After my recent Moschino rant here, comes the Givenchy sweater below.


Believe it or not, this cartoon sweater sells for $1,375. Now let me see, what can I buy for that amount of money? A laptop? A TV? A designer bag? A plane ticket?

What I don’t get is that its sold out on Net A Porter. Perhaps this sweater and the like have become the new generation of status symbols, or maybe in certain social circles its a must have item to show off in front of your frenemies. Either way, I beg you to keep your head screwed on and don’t go gaga over this item, especially with that steep price tag! read more

My August Essential

Hello August! You are a bittersweet month full of Summer promises yet Autumn is not too far away.

You might think that this flaming hot month requires a lot of bare skin to keep cool, I believe the opposite. This August, get your hands on a colorful maxi skirt to play up your wardrobe. It is a must have in terms of trend and practicality. Choose the pattern you like without worrying about a mismatching outfit, with this item, any combination goes.

For my work day, I paired my new skirt with a simple white tee and sandals. It is modest, feminine and comfy. If you are feeling funky, try this look with a pair of sneakers. read more

The Overlooked Staple

One of my favorite items in my closet is the polo shirt. I can never have enough, and I am constantly buying new colors and fits. This shirt is a classic, never goes out of style, and adds a country club chic to a pair of jeans or slacks. The breathable cotton makes it a year round item, well except for winter.

I advise you to invest in at least one, it will last you years. Start with the ‘classic fit’ and work your way to the ‘slim fit’. As for colors, make your first purchase a white one, then move on to black and all the colors in between. read more

Summer Breeze

Whenever I have a long road trip I always make sure to put my comfort first. Check out yesterday’s style, it did the trick for me without compromising femininity.








Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger Denim

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Bag: Burberry

Necklace: Swarovski

Watch: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Miu Miu