Copy Paste Paste Paste

An eternal pet peeve of mine is the lack of individuality in our part of the world. People are always afraid of other people judging them, so they do whatever it takes to please said people. My question to you is, why not please yourselves? I can’t even fathom why some girls feel obligated to follow fashion rules to be considered fashionistas, what an abused adjective that turned out to be.

When it comes to fashion, everyone is so busy following the latest trends and getting sucked into the “must haves” of each season, that they forget that once they walk out the door, every other person will be wearing the exact outfit. Whatever happened to panicking when girls saw someone else wearing the same dress, is it so last century? My eyes hurt from the sea of light blue blouses that are either dresses, off the shoulder tops, or can be tied at the waist. And so on and so forth every season with a different trend that becomes so overdone and over-worn. read more

Odd By AJ

Summer Fashion Week was held at the Saint George Hotel & Yacht Club in Beirut, and I attended one of the shows by fashion designer Aya Jallad. This was the launch of the first line of her ready to wear brand ‘Odd By AJ’ under the name of ‘Healed’. The show’s opening words were very touching, as we learned that Aya suffers from a chronic disease, and despite this she didn’t give up on her dream to become a fashion designer and launch her line. Two thumbs up to Aya’s inspirational story, and to her funky asymmetrical designs. read more

The Simplest Spring Hair Style

Great news for laid back fashionistas, one of the biggest hair trends for this Spring 2015 is loose waves. You don’t need to have curly hair because it also works for straight hair, the key is tousled out-of-bed style with strands in every direction. Its practically the easiest style, just leave your hair down casually and you’re ready to go. Take a look at these photos straight from the runway, Spring hair has never been better!








The Children’s Trend That Must Stop

A few days ago I walked past a few shops at a department store and did a double take. What seemingly innocent children’s t shirts were in fact graphic tees with skulls on them. They came in such small sizes, newborn or 3 months probably up to kid’s sizes.


Where do I begin my rant?

We now idolize symbols of death? We now make fashion out of them? Who on earth came up with this idea?


Hey, I know, lets print a skull and make an innocent baby wear it.

Why are we robbing our children of their innocence? Are rainbows, hearts, flowers, butterflies, animals, cartoon characters and other prints passee? Is this what we have come to? read more

Is This Taking A Trend Too Far?

Fashion designers present us with their collections each season. After the hype and media coverage is over, it’s up to us to decide what trend to adopt and what to ignore, though we may choose to totally disregard what is being shoved down our throat and stick to our own personal style.

When we see couture gowns, we know we may never get the chance to wear them; when we see creative out of this world designs, we most certainly won’t wear them unless we are stage actors. However a recent trend has been taking Hollywood by storm, and to me, it’s disgusting. It is the exposure of undergarments, and even nudity. read more