Must Have Items By The Time You Are 30

The world of fashion is ever changing, we buy clothes just to find out that the next season they are old news. We throw them out and buy some more. This might be the story in our teen years and even our 20s, but by the time a woman is 30, there are a few staple items that must be in her closet. These items are classic and survive the changes in trends, and hence are worth the splurge.

1. The Everyday Handbag:

This bag is durable and meant to be carried everyday. Buy this in a neutral, dark, or tan color, one that goes with almost all your clothes. Make sure that the material can be wiped down and that the stitching is well done. I recommend brands such as Longchamp, La Bagagerie, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors. These bags range from $100 to $300. read more

How to Combine Colors in Your Outfit

Do you ever wonder why some street style or runway outfits look great even though the colors are seemingly bold and not too obviously matched? If you want to pull that look off without it looking disastrous, simply follow the color wheel. Once you get the hang of it, mixing colors will come naturally.


The color wheel isn’t just for designers and artists, it can help us understand color combinations and how to use them to dress well. The wheel consists of primary, secondary and tertiary (or intermediate) colors. read more

Salon Nails at Home

Why is it that when we get our nails done at the salon, they last for a week, but when we do them at home they chip within a couple of days?

The secret isn’t the nail polish brand or quality. Its the top coat.

If you are anything like me and have a busy lifestyle, then you can relate to the hassle of going to a salon. For starters, booking an appointment isn’t easy, especially if you work full time,  post 5 o’clock is rarely available unless you reserve over a week in advance. If you aren’t certain of your schedule, committing to an appointment that early isn’t guaranteed. A lot of times the chit-chat at the salons gets shallow and gossipy, and if you want to keep to yourself and just get your nails done and be out, you will feel like an outsider and a little bothered. Or maybe you want to paint your nails from the comfort of your own home, in front of the TV with your pjs on, perhaps during the night. Mind you I am not a salon hater, I do frequent them but there are times when I just rather be a lazy couch potato. Even if you are a regular at the salon, keep a top coat of your choice in your beauty drawer, you never know when you might need it. read more

Dress Your Petite Frame

If you have a petite frame, you might find it less than easy to wear clothes off the rack without some tailoring. The reason is, petites have different proportions than women of average height, and most items we see in shops are not meant for the former.

In Lebanon, there is a lack of shops with a petite section. I have a few tips that can help you when you get dressed or the next time you go shopping, to make do with what is available in stores.

The major illusion you want to create is height. So for starters, avoid cutting your body in half with colors or fabrics, transfer the cut line higher instead, this will elongate your legs and torso. Avoid too much color combination and patterns, these styles need height and space on the body, and they will only make your frame appear even smaller, so go for monochrome outfits. On that note, you can wear stripes, but make sure they are vertical, as they will make you seem taller. Steer clear of too much layering so remove all unnecessary bulk. read more

Red Rules

You think you can’t pull off wearing red? Well think again. Its only a matter of choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone.

To illustrate this, I put some red paint on my palette, along with blue and yellow paint on each side.


If you have pale, light skin, then you have blue undertones. If you have medium to dark skin, then you have yellow undertones.  I mixed red with each of these colors, and the result is the shade of red that suits your skin.


Keep in mind that this is only ONE shade of many, depending on the percentage of yellow or blue versus red which results in various hues when mixed. Use it as a guideline for your future red purchases. read more

Shady Business

When buying new sunglasses, choosing the right frame is not always an easy task. Not every trend suits everyone, so check out my sketch of four face shapes with their preferable shades as a guideline. If you notice, each frame complements the corresponding face instead of creating edges outside its outline. Keep that in mind and you will be rocking the right shades for you this season!

DSCN9971 copy_wm

For the Square face, try these Roberto Cavalli at $425


For the Oval face, try these Dsquared2 at $995

1_wm read more