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  • An Insider's Reflections

    An Insider’s Reflections

    *A little note before I begin, I’m speaking as a person on the inside of social media who manages to stay level headed and view things as an outsider, I am in no way passing judgement but merely stating what I see as a demise. That being said, I’m not here to please anyone, so […]

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  • The Great Friendship Purge Of 2017

    The Great Friendship Purge Of 2017

    A new year doesn’t mean too much to me, I don’t set new goals and I don’t force resolutions upon myself knowing I won’t keep them. However the fourth quarter of 2017 brought with it my first writing hiatus that lasted a few months, stemming from the lack of inspiration and the time I took […]

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  • Keep Your Opinion To Yourself

    Keep Your Opinion To Yourself

    You know what I’m sick of? It’s people who think they have the right to comment on someone else’s weight gain/loss, their food intake, their dietary choices, and anything along those lines. Newsflash: If it isn’t your body, then kindly refrain from sharing your opinion. ...

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  • 11 Years Post Graduation, A Reflection

    11 Years Post Graduation, A Reflection

    I have been postponing sharing my thoughts on this topic for a year, and wanted to have it up and ready for my 10 year graduation anniversary for poetic reasons, but here I am a year later and I only just managed to organize my thoughts because I made a life altering decision a couple […]

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  • Musings Of An Introvert

    Musings Of An Introvert

    I love to write down my thoughts but does anyone even read these types of blog posts? Well for those who do, here is what I want to say. If ever you feel that I’m distant, don’t be offended, its just the way I am. I need to be alone most of the time and that’s […]

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  • My 2 Cents On 2 Years Of Blogging

    My 2 Cents On 2 Years Of Blogging

    Another blogging year has passed to make it my 2nd year anniversary, and here are some thoughts I jotted down, and if you think you might be offended, then please, read on. I get asked by almost everyone I meet on how I’m able to find time to think of posts, write and attend events, […]

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  • My 1 Year Blog Anniversary

    My 1 Year Blog Anniversary

    April marks 1 year of blogging for me. When I created Style Me Maria, I allowed the online community to peer into my world. Whether it is through my blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, Snapchat, and my already in use Instagram and Twitter. My online persona is me, not hiding behind a mask of ...

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