Why I Love Star Wars

And why you should too!

My perspective on being a female in the fandom.

I get asked a lot about why I love the Star Wars franchise or why it causes worldwide pandemonium. For those of us who are part of the fan base, this needs no explaining, not Star Wars day, not the Comic Cons, not the cosplay, not the movie or series releases, nothing needs explaining because it is being felt. All this is innate and reverberates from one fan to another, the same way that we are adamant that “Han shot first”, the same way we love the cantina music, the same way we all tried to re-watch the movies in the “machete” technique. But for those who haven’t seen a single movie or have tried to but couldn’t get through, this all doesn’t make sense, and for a female nonetheless to be so into this universe is surely something that isn’t understood. read more