Influencers And Those Who Toot Their Horns

The term ‘influencer’ gets thrown around a lot, and although I’m not exactly sure how it came to exist, I know that a couple of years ago everyone wanted to be labeled an ‘influencer’ whereas today it is a shunned word. Why is it shunned? Because those who truly have influence in their field loathe being thrown in the same pod as the more recent Instagram ‘public figures’ glorifying their material possessions.


But what is an influencer, really?

I personally don’t think it takes tens of thousands or even a million social media followers to make you an influencer. An influencer influences, no matter how small his/her reach is, if that person is able to change opinions and shape minds, then this is the category they fall into from tech gadget savants to beauty product experts. Influence isn’t a matter to take lightly, because with reach comes responsibility, but there are also major cons to this digital phenomenon. There is no denying that a great portion of the blogosphere has become a marketing strategy, and while it is never wrong to monetize one’s influence, there is a fine line between hoarding all the collaborations you can get, and being genuine. The majority of the audience are smart enough to differentiate between authenticity and paid content, but there are still fresher minds that are really influenced by a blogger they look up to, and if the latter is merely posting in return for a few bucks, this particular demographic will be falsely deceived in thinking the reviewed product is a must have and therefore will go ahead and buy it without the proper research. read more

Copy Paste Paste Paste

An eternal pet peeve of mine is the lack of individuality in our part of the world. People are always afraid of other people judging them, so they do whatever it takes to please said people. My question to you is, why not please yourselves? I can’t even fathom why some girls feel obligated to follow fashion rules to be considered fashionistas, what an abused adjective that turned out to be.

When it comes to fashion, everyone is so busy following the latest trends and getting sucked into the “must haves” of each season, that they forget that once they walk out the door, every other person will be wearing the exact outfit. Whatever happened to panicking when girls saw someone else wearing the same dress, is it so last century? My eyes hurt from the sea of light blue blouses that are either dresses, off the shoulder tops, or can be tied at the waist. And so on and so forth every season with a different trend that becomes so overdone and over-worn. read more

The Downfalls Of Being A Blogger

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while now and I recently managed to put my ideas together for what will mark my 200th post. In no way am I generalizing in what I’m about to state, there is a sea of wonderful bloggers, professional PR managers, and inspiring Instagrammers, and although I may sound cynical, I’m only conveying truths I have lived for the past few years. I know many of you still enjoy reading as opposed to having images crammed down your throats, so this one’s for you. read more

Tag A Friend Who Would Wear Air Max

That phrase is my newest pet peeve. Yes, tagging our friends who would dare to wear this unattainable pair of Nike is the newest thing on Instagram.


Almost everywhere on social media I see photos of girls wearing these sneakers, which is alright, except when everyone starts idolizing them. Am I missing something? Since when is it an achievement when we buy running shoes, that we must rub it in everyone’s face? And how they have become so over rated that they are being worn with dresses and skirts is something I cannot understand. They are pretty shoes, I wouldn’t mind owning a pair, just like I own other sneakers, but I would never flaunt them the way I see others do. read more

Shopping In The U.S.

One of the activities I enjoy during my time abroad is *drum roll* shopping. I won’t talk about the quality and quantity today, but I would like to mention something else.

I am sure you have heard of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and the likes in New York. These are huge stores with countless high end shops.

I want you to take a moment to look at this picture taken at Macy’s in Hawaii.


Yes, this is a smaller version of the Manhattan store, and yes this is an island so a bikini is not frowned upon. However that’s not the point. The point is, whenever a customer walks in any of these shops, they are welcome as they are, and the sales people are enthusiastically willing to help. And by help I mean, pointing out the hot deals, and advising on upcoming sales dates in case the customer wants to wait and come back later. By help I mean spending an hour at the makeup counter in Sephora helping the customer try all types of lipstick and cosmetics to choose the right shade, and at the end giving a gift ‘just because’, even if no purchase has been made. By help I also mean not judging based on appearances, where all customers are kings and are all treated as such. It is truly a freeing experience to shop at such stores in a bikini with or without a cover up, in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt, in running shoes. To enter Bergdorf or Tiffany’s and have the sales people at your service, these people know true salesmanship and don’t judge a customer’s buying means according to what they are wearing. read more

Givenchy’s Bambi Line

There are some trends I just can’t sit back and say nothing about, and this one in particular goes somewhere between my ‘Save or Splurge’ and ‘Pet Peeves’ category. After my recent Moschino rant¬†here, comes the Givenchy sweater below.


Believe it or not, this cartoon sweater sells for $1,375. Now let me see, what can I buy for that amount of money? A laptop? A TV? A designer bag? A plane ticket?

What I don’t get is that its sold out on Net A Porter. Perhaps this sweater and the like have become the new generation of status symbols, or maybe in certain social circles its a must have item to show off in front of your frenemies. Either way, I beg you to keep your head screwed on and don’t go gaga over this item, especially with that steep price tag! read more

With Age Comes The Handbag

A couple or ten years ago, high-schoolers and university students were more humble in what they wore, opting to choose items that are age appropriate.¬†Today in a fashion conscious visual world of social media, filters and hashtags, I can’t help but notice that too much of a good thing is actually bad.

The main issue here isn’t the savvy shoppers, its the young women trying too hard to look older. And that is being done via their handbag. The youngsters in this present day are carrying the Chanel Boy or Lady Dior. read more