My Long Breastfeeding Journey

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, however my experience with breastfeeding two children for more than a year each, taught me a lot and placed me in a position of giving advice to those who seek it from me. I have offered breastfeeding support for lactating mothers, and if you feel like you want to learn from what I went through then this post is for you. If you are however, here to judge breastfeeding mothers or in any way feel this is an attack on formula feeding mothers, then obviously you have no any idea that I am all about accepting other parents’ choices, hence I invite you to exit this page, there is no room for negativity or judgement.* read more

Mom Wars

I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to say to you on mother’s day. While I could easily go for the sappy message, I chose to relate to you a topic that has been on my mind for a long while. If you are not a parent yet, then read what I’m about to express and place yourself in our shoes. If you are indeed a parent, a mother specifically, then kudos to you, you are doing a great job. But please, oh please, I truly hope you are not the judgmental type, and if you are, I wish what I’m about to write will make you change your mindset. read more

10 Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

Is traveling with a toddler hard? Yes.

Is traveling with a toddler easy? Yes.

How well you are prepared will determine the success of your journey. That along with expecting the worst and a major sense of humor will do you and your child much benefit.

When Naji and I took Tracy with us on vacation she had just turned 3 and we were wondering if it was the proper time to introduce travel to her agenda. Though it might be early and she might soon forget her experience, but it is a step towards shaping the young mind to be tolerant to various cultures and differences, along with a sense of adventure and independence for the future. If you are planning for something similar, I hope my suggestions help you out. read more

Preparing Your Eldest Child For A New Baby


I scrambled my thoughts together to write a parenting post gathered from my first hand experience on how I prepared Tracy deal with the arrival of her little brother Fares, and how I helped her adjust. I must say that these are in no way foolproof, nor have I read about them in any book or online entry, they are solely based on my day to day struggle, and upon the encouragement of my friends to put these experiences into writing I finally did so.


There is nothing more exciting than expecting a new baby, but if the baby is the second in your family, the joy comes with a mini moment of panic. How do you break the news to your first born? How can you help your eldest adjust? Can you avoid jealousy between siblings? read more

10 Tips For Surviving The Terrible Twos

My daughter Tracy’s 3rd birthday is around the corner, and reflecting on the past year, or what is known as the ‘terrible twos’, I thought it would be a good idea to share my survival tips with my mom readers who are approaching this phase.


1. Put a positive spin on your child’s 2nd year and think of it as the ‘terrific twos’. Hope for the best but expect the worse, and once you get into that mindset you will automatically be optimistic and mentally prepared. read more

10 Things I’ve Learned As A Mother

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I rarely share motherhood advice on the blog, but in the spirit of Mother’s Day I thought I’d write down a few of many things I have learned and experienced as now a mother of two.


1. No matter what your educational background is, no matter if you’re a surgeon, an engineer or a rocket scientist, nothing comes close to the difficulty of the job that is being a mother. All the knowledge in the world and all the mathematical formulas won’t prepare you for the task that is shaping minds for the future generation, nor will it help you make a split second decision which will psychologically impact your children in their later years. read more