Nature is Always a Good Idea

When we enter into adulthood and especially parenthood we get caught up in a cycle that doesn’t stop. From work to traffic jams to relationships to managing a household to caring for our little ones, these daily actions accumulate to create stress that is sometimes unbearable. If you add to that the fact that our generation is technology oriented and places importance on being connected all the time, the result is not ideal and cannot be handled for long periods of time.

We sometimes forget to get back to basics, nature! read more

Give Back To Mother Nature

Those of you who follow me on my social media profiles, know how much I care for making a difference and participating in campaigns that matter. A great initiative by Azadea Foundation this mother’s day in honor of our mother nature is giving back. If each one of us could plant a tree or help the environment in any way possible, we could make the earth a better place for us and our children.

Give Back to Mother Nature

I participated in this campaign and so can you. Upload a photo on Instagram of you and your children or mother doing an environmental act, it could be anything from being in nature to recycling, follow and tag @AzadeaFoundation and myself @stylememaria, use the hashtags #GiveBackWithAF and #ActForMotherNature and not only will you be spreading awareness, but you’ll be in the draw to win a Qanz gift card on March 21st.

Here is my photo teaching my daughter to take care of our plant at home, it is important to lead by example to raise an eco sensitive generation!