Quick Night-Time Makeup

For those of you who are too busy to get into an elaborate makeup routine for a night out, you can fake one in minimal time and with an easy technique. I had an event to attend recently, and being in a hurry as always, I snuck in a few minutes in between taking care of the kids to get all made up. I’m gonna show you what products I used, you don’t need the exact ones, but choose shades that will blend together and suit your skin tone regardless of what color you are wearing; I find earth tones to be the most flattering. read more

I Spent My Summer In These Shorts

While I was on my last vacation in Hawaii, I shopped at one of my favorite casual wear destinations, Old Navy. I bought many items on impulse figuring out I’d make use of them later, and these shorts were one of them. I never would have imagined actually wearing them, but weekend after weekend, event after event, day or night, date or with family, I found myself going back to these loose fitting, neon shorts.


As a cautious person and especially one who prefers classics to shocking colors, this travel impulse buy might be one of many, it definitely taught me to get out of my comfort zone! read more

Weekends Are Weekdays

In the mom realm, style becomes practical and minimalist. A midweek home/work/home routine is all too similar to weekend going out events.

My typical weekly routine is so fast paced and starts very early, that returning home at the end of the day sees me wither away into a hot mess.

What differs from weekday to weekend?


Weekends also require major dressing down, its a sacrifice moms make to be able to run around their little children to ensure they are the ones having the most fun, whether at malls, birthdays, picnics and other activities. read more

My Weekend Mom Style

Any mom can tell you that simplicity and function trump style every time. This is especially true when we are out with our children and the last thing on our mind is over the top fashion. However this does not mean looking frumpy, it means that we change the way we dress according to practicality.

Below is an example of a typical outfit of mine when I am with my daughter for weekend lunches, dinners, and general mall or outdoor activity. I am usually in denim as I can crouch, sit, lay on the floor and pretty much do anything without worrying about stains and dirt. I choose cotton tops over any other fabric as is it comfy, goes well with any body type, and doesn’t restrict movement. My advice is, make sure you wear tops that are below your hip line to avoid awkward exposure when running around after your little one. I am always in sneakers especially those i can slip on and off in a few seconds. Remember to choose thick soles for hours of foot comfort. When it comes to accessories I go minimal, a simple leather watch and a pendant. read more