Grand Opening Of The Men’s Department At ABC

Last night, the men’s department at ABC Ashrafieh relaunched with a new decor and vibe. The grand opening was dubbed ‘Manly Yours’, as the whole floor was transformed into a series of chic mini boutiques and bars serving cocktails with music blasting through the speakers. As I walked through this temporary venue reminiscent of nightlife in Beirut, I noticed some major changes from the previous men’s department. The set up for each brand reminded me of giant Manhattan department stores, the library and cafe adjacent are almost integrated with the shops, there is a new barber shop open within this space, as well as a section for art and artists’ displays as well. read more

Men’s Tuxedo Guide

At any black tie event, all eyes are on the ladies, whether they are brides or in evening wear. This does not diminish the role of men at these events, they too complement a woman’s wardrobe as well as giving off the gentleman vibe according to their own style. However not all tuxedos suit all body types. Here is a small guide to choosing the perfect tux for you.

First, know these key words.

The image below shows collar types.


The image below shows the difference between pleated (left) and flat front (right) pants. read more

Men’s Watch Guide

A watch is the single most important accessory a man can wear, and that being said, it is a must that the watch worn is appropriate for the occasion. Here is a guide for the types of watches and their corresponding events, so men take note!

1. The Everyday Watch

This watch should be able to be worn daily, from running errands to going to work to going out. Although casual, doesn’t mean it should be low end, because it will be worn a lot and it needs to be durable, so mid range is the way to go. For that last reason, a stainless steel watch is ideal as it won’t rust, and it can go from day to night and can be worn with any outfit without worrying about mismatching. read more