An Afternoon At Kidz Mondo

I have seen ads about Kidz Mondo, but I never imagined it to be as developed as it is when I first visited last weekend. Everything is tailor made for kids, and they have the priority while parents take the back stage. At the main gate, I found the ticketing booths like those at the airport, with a boarding pass to access all the activities as the one below.


My daughter is 2 years old and therefore in the toddler category. She was given a special sticker with T+ written on it, which meant that she could have access to the rooms that have a matching T+ sticker at their door. She really enjoyed the occupations she participated in! A food court is also available with a variety of restaurants for kids and parents to take a break and continue the fun. read more

Joue Club’s New Branch

A couple of weeks ago Joue Club opened in Le Mall Sin El Fil. For those who aren’t familiar with the store, it is a kid’s heaven, including all sorts of games for all ages. I was happy to attend especially that it was an event I could take my daughter to, so it was her day! There were all sorts of activities to entertain all children who attended, including a photo booth, interactive games, face painting, cartoon characters, and of course the munchies!







Lucky for us parents that Joue Club is expanding in Lebanon, head to this new branch in Habtoor and get lost in the 2 floors of toys! read more

The Children’s Trend That Must Stop

A few days ago I walked past a few shops at a department store and did a double take. What seemingly innocent children’s t shirts were in fact graphic tees with skulls on them. They came in such small sizes, newborn or 3 months probably up to kid’s sizes.


Where do I begin my rant?

We now idolize symbols of death? We now make fashion out of them? Who on earth came up with this idea?


Hey, I know, lets print a skull and make an innocent baby wear it.

Why are we robbing our children of their innocence? Are rainbows, hearts, flowers, butterflies, animals, cartoon characters and other prints passee? Is this what we have come to? read more

Easter Dress Hunt

With Easter season approaching, dressing up our children becomes THE priority. I gathered a few pieces from the new spring collection for baby girls to give you some ideas. The colors range from classic beige and pale pink to neon orange to suit each baby’s character. Who said children can’t stand out as individuals?

Sergent Major dress for $45


Monsoon dress for $73


Sucre D’Orge & Cie 2 piece set for $77


Eliane et Lena dress for $125


Catmini dress for $131

6_wm read more