I’m A Gipsy

One of the trends that I feel comfortable wearing is the boho-chic. I rummaged through my closet to mix pieces together to create this look. I had randomly bought a maxi floral skirt a while ago, and I chose to pair it with a t-shirt I have had for a few years that I never wear but I can’t seem to get rid of. Its loose fit and neutral color toned down the patterned skirt. I accessorized my outfit with a lace headband, dangle earrings (from my trip to Damascus about 10 years ago), a chunky beady necklace, a mix of bracelets and bangles, and rings. As you can see, I mixed and matched my accessories, some old some new, and a mix of bronze with silver to perfect the eclectic bohemian style. read more

The Bohemian Bride

The arrival of spring and summer bring along the wedding season. If you are a bride to be and still haven’t decided on the style of your dress, or simply if you want bridal inspiration for the future, keep reading because I will discuss the bohemian bride.

The bohemian, or boho, is a casual, natural, laid back kind of person, with a unique and eclectic style. I am a big fan of the boho-chic trend and if you feel that it truly reflects your character, you can pull off the perfect relaxed look for your wedding day. read more

Boho Casual

You don’t need to say the word ‘vacation’ in front of me twice to get me to bring out my colorful wardrobe items. Two days ago was Labor Day, and as a working girl myself, a midweek day off meant I could spend time with my hubby and baby out in the sun. Destination Zaitunay Bay in Downtown Beirut. I changed my clothes a couple of times before heading out, and finally settled on the choice I will describe below. As a mother of an almost 9 month old, I need to keep things simple and easy, no over the top outfits when an entire day of walking, having lunch, feeding my baby, sitting on the grass, and taking turns pushing the stroller is involved. I have to find a way to give off the vibe that I want while staying practical. Therefore I went for boho casual. read more