How an Unfortunate Accident Helped me Refocus

It was a Friday like any other. In one word, hectic. My Fridays resemble Mondays because I try to squeeze in as many errands and work as possible so that I can be free during the weekend to spend it fully with my children without any distractions. I began my day with the usual, woke up the kids, prepared their water bottles, snacks, and milk, dressed them and got ready myself, drove them to school and walked them to class. I was on a high that week, the road closures in Lebanon became scarce and I had finally decided to continue my work, and I was planning so many interesting collaborations and shoots for the upcoming week. I came back home for a cup of tea while I caught up on my correspondence and went back out to a series of banks, meetings, sanitary showroom visit, warehouse visit, and even a couple of supermarket stops before arriving home with barely enough time to arrange what I had purchased on the shelves, and ran out to pick up the kids from school. read more