Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Margherita

I love good food just as I love to evaluate it.

My husband and I are big foodies and you’ll find us trying out every new restaurant. I have only started blogging for a month, so I cannot review the food I have eaten over the course of many years, varying from street carts to fine dining, so I’m gonna have to start all over again (youppie!)

For my first humble review, I chose Pizzeria Margherita in Blueberry Square Dbayeh. I first tried Margherita when it opened a few years ago in Gemayze, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I remember ordering a chicken platter and my husband a pizza, and we both wondered what the fuss was about because we HATED the food, it was bland and tasteless. So we decided to give it another chance. read more