Restaurant Review: St. Elmo’s Seaside Brasserie

Zaitunay Bay hosts a diverse choice of restaurants and cafes, and on a saturday night, I chose to dine at St. Elmo’s. We sat outside and enjoyed the World Cup match in a casual ambiance.

We went on to order the Chicken Satay for 18,000 L.L. with a choice of curry or peanut butter dip. For an appetizer, it is big and filling, and the 5 skewers are ideal for sharing, or even as a main dish with a salad. The chicken was tender and tasted light, and I appreciated the dip because it wasn’t your typical sauce, some thought was put into it. read more

Restaurant Review: Caffe Mondo

One of the restaurants I frequent is Caffe Mondo in Phoenicia Intercontinental. The last time I went there to have their famous salad bar, I was disappointed because the dishes were empty and no one cared to fill them with fresh food. So I decided to give it another chance the other day, except that when I scanned the salad bar, I did not find the grilled chicken breast that kept me coming each time. I am wondering why this has been removed, but I’m sure seafood lovers will be satisfied.

20140614_213440_wm read more

Dining at Burj Al Arab

A couple of years ago I went to Dubai, and one of the most memorable culinary activities (ever) was having lunch at Burj Al Arab. Although I cannot review the food in the same way I would have, had I been blogging back then, but my lifestyle section wouldn’t be complete without this exclusive experience. The lunch was at Al-Iwan, the Arabic buffet restaurant, I will share with you some of the pictures showing the food and atmosphere. Mind you, you cannot enter the Burj Al Arab area unless you are a hotel guest or are dining there, so these are photos you won’t see anywhere else! read more

Restaurant Review: Eau De Vie

My usual visits to Eau De Vie at the Phoenicia Intercontinental involve an a la carte menu of my choice, namely a steak. However, the wedding reception I attended last weekend was a pleasant culinary surprise. It was a set menu of 3 courses, with a dessert buffet, and coffee and tea.

The starter was ‘Duo of salmon and salad of baby vegetables charcoal grilled, walnuts and goat cheese’.


I’m not a big fan of seafood besides your basic fish, but judging by the vibrant taste of the goat cheese on the crispy pastry, and the freshness of the salad and its sauce, I gave the shrimp a try and it was worth it. read more

Restaurant Review: Mandarine

Last weekend I headed down to Mandarine in Verdun. The restaurant has a few outdoor tables but it was too cold to sit outside, so the large indoor space was perfect. For a weekend it was a bit quiet, as the peak time is weekdays due to its prime location next to many companies.

The special features are a mezze conveyor, daily dishes, and a salad bar. The cuisine is international, ranging from salads, pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches to platters.

The item that drew me in was Chicken with Curry for 26,900 L.L. read more

Restaurant Review: The Met

I went for a late lunch last weekend at The Met in Downtown Beirut Souks. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, and the ambiance is chill, full of families, couples, and tourists. Although its spacious, there is still a cozy charm about the place, perhaps its the interior finishing or the books adorning the shelves.


The menu is international, and it took me forever to decide on what cuisine I shall have. Eventually my husband and I ordered the following items.

For starters, we went ahead with the chicken tenders for 13,500 L.L. read more

Restaurant Review: Classic Burger Joint

One of my favorite burgers EVER is at Classic Burger Joint, and that is The Mexican. I have never been unfaithful to it in all the times I’ve visited this restaurant, and I usually stick to the same item once I’ve fallen in love, but a few nights ago was a different story. I took a risk and changed my ‘usual’ to Classic Chicken Mozzarella.

This is the heavenly burger for 18,500 L.L.


I can’t tolerate mayonnaise so I changed the sauce to the spicy mexican, exchanged pickles for onions and pepper free of charge, and a green salad instead of the coleslaw for 1,500 L.L. Due to my picky tastes, I tend to switch around the ingredients to get a custom meal. read more

Restaurant Review: Duo

A few days ago I went to have dinner at Duo in ABC Dbayeh, it was the most crowded spot on a midweek. I was at a bit of a loss as what to order, but finally settled on the following.


Goat Cheese Salad for 23,500 L.L. Its quite a small salad, perfect for sharing, but not particularly filling to be ordered alone. The veggies were fresh, and the sauce light and barely there (in a good way). I was a bit reluctant to try the goat cheese, but combined with the bread which was cut into perfection, it reduced the strong taste and was just right. I mixed the cheese with the olive paste served at the beginning, I recommend you do the same, its quite delish. read more

Restaurant Review: Cozmo Cafe

Since I am re-visiting the restaurants I have had the pleasure to dine in before I started blogging, I am particularly choosing the ones that were of a disappointment to me the 1st (or 2nd) time around, to give them another chance. Cozmo Cafe is one of those places, where I swore I would never return due to the seriously cold temperature of the main dishes, burgers, pizza and pasta I have eaten there before. So last Sunday, my husband and I decided to go there.

For starters, we ordered the Mozzarella Sticks for 13,500 L.L. read more

Restaurant Review: Bar Tartine

I had recently been to Bar Tartine in Mar Mikhael Gemmayze for a girl’s night out dinner. I wish I had clear photos to share with you, but this review isn’t about that visit. Anyhow, on my way out I noticed a little enticing bakery owned by the restaurant, I promised myself I would return to have my fix of bread some other time. Soon later I was delightfully surprised when I stumbled upon the bakery open in ABC Ashrafieh. The display counter was full of bread, pastries, desserts and sandwiches. My hubby and I sat down and the waiter handed out the menus; it was the same menu from the Gemmayze branch with salads, ¬†main courses etc, so I asked if I could order from the displayed selection since they weren’t mentioned in the menu. He told me sure but I had to go order and come back and pay at my table. I figured he said so for the tip, so I agreed. I went and chose 3 items, the man at the counter handed them to me in a paper bag so I mentioned I was dining in and the waiter told me so and so. He then placed each of the pastries in a plate and sent them our way. Unfortunately, it looked as if they were randomly thrown on the plate especially in the first picture below. read more