Foodie In Barcelona

I haven’t stopped raving about Barcelona since I visited last autumn, and one of the things I cannot neglect to add on the list of its charm is the food. Both visually enticing and tasty, this Catalan city’s cuisine is top notch. Our culinary journey wasn’t premeditated, we literally sat down for a meal at the first place we saw when hunger was striking which is a rule of ours when we travel. In front of each restaurant like most cities these days, lies a board with the menu, specials, happy hour discounts and lunch offers. Read on and feast your eyes upon the food in Barcelona! read more

Mom Wars

I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to say to you on mother’s day. While I could easily go for the sappy message, I chose to relate to you a topic that has been on my mind for a long while. If you are not a parent yet, then read what I’m about to express and place yourself in our shoes. If you are indeed a parent, a mother specifically, then kudos to you, you are doing a great job. But please, oh please, I truly hope you are not the judgmental type, and if you are, I wish what I’m about to write will make you change your mindset. read more

Restaurant Review: La Petite Table

La Petite Table is a recently opened cafe/restaurant in Gardens Naccache serving international cuisine. The decor is beautiful and the color scheme is reminiscent of the French Provincial interiors. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, shall you choose to stay inside it is a cozy and romantic area, but if you’re up to people watching then go ahead and sit on the terrace.

For our first visit we chose items from various menu sections to get to sample a bit of everything. We started with the Four Cheese Pizzette for 12,000 L.L. which is a thin crispy pizza dough with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and gorgonzola. It is very tasty but quite small and not made to share, so make sure to order it as an appetizer and not a main course. read more

10 Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

Is traveling with a toddler hard? Yes.

Is traveling with a toddler easy? Yes.

How well you are prepared will determine the success of your journey. That along with expecting the worst and a major sense of humor will do you and your child much benefit.

When Naji and I took Tracy with us on vacation she had just turned 3 and we were wondering if it was the proper time to introduce travel to her agenda. Though it might be early and she might soon forget her experience, but it is a step towards shaping the young mind to be tolerant to various cultures and differences, along with a sense of adventure and independence for the future. If you are planning for something similar, I hope my suggestions help you out. read more

Barcelona: The City For An Artist’s Soul

Barcelona is to many, a stop along the way of a European tour, so when I dedicated a full journey to discovering this city, I was wondering whether I had made the right decision. I will get to that point in a bit, but first let me guide you through some of the city’s attractions.

The Sagrada Familia is a top rated monument and the staple of the city designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. It is a larger than life structure and it’s very difficult to see it all when standing in front of it, let alone try to fit it in a single camera frame! The cathedral’s exterior has Gothic figures carved at the entrance, but the interior is beautifully contrasted with its stained glass windows. My advice to you is to purchase your tickets online prior to your trip to save waiting in line, and beware the entrance time frame because you will need to arrive at the exact time of your ticket. Once you finish the tour of the church, pass by the souvenir shop and pick up an item or two, they are fairly priced considering the prime touristic location. read more

Foodie In Paris

A few months back I shared with you my Parisian vacation, which was my first experience of traveling while pregnant. I abstained from including my foodie stops, because a couple of photos won’t do Paris justice, so I prepared a full fledged entry of mouthwatering eye candy for anyone who is planning to visit the city of lights.

La Cure Gourmande is a sweets shop with vintage inspired packaging where you can either buy a pre-packed selection of pastries or choose and weigh your own combo using the available plastic bags. The pastries are so puffy and light, and the display is very enticing, you can’t help but surrender your senses. Beware the total cost though, as each item weighs quite a few grams so it totals up to be equivalent to a decent meal for two. read more

Restaurant Review: Madame Tussaud’s

Nestled in the heart of the Byblos old souk lays Madame Tussaud’s, a luxurious restaurant serving international fusion cuisine which is taking the area by storm. U Management who is behind Ubernation and Barracuda have recently opened Madame Tussaud’s along with Gosh pub.


The latter two lie adjacent in the souk, and while the signature drinks for both joints are served from Gosh, the dishes are from Mme Tussaud’s. I sat down with one of the partners as he explained to me the concept of the restaurant, its attempt to introduce restaurant goers to this type of cuisine, the meticulous choice of cutlery to complement the presentation, along with the menu developed by their top chef. Mme Tussaud’s is a new type of diner with chic decor that offers original and tasty cuisine with prices that won’t break the bank. read more

Restaurant Review: East Village

I’m quite late to the Badaro game, so for my initiation to the area last Saturday night, I chose East Village. I had been hearing good reviews about the place and I wanted to try it because of the reference to my soft spot, New York City. We took a walk in the area and as we approached it we noticed a humble exterior with a busy interior. Three energetic men who are most likely partners or managers, along with two waitresses, gave off vibes that were a mix of hard work, attention and friendliness. All throughout the night as people walked in, it seemed to me that they were regulars by the way they greeted and were greeted, which of course is a good sign because a return customer is a plus to any establishment. read more

My Weight Loss Journey Begins

Anyone who has struggled with weight gain and loss over and over again is no stranger to the frustration of the added kilos, and the delight of those lost.

Some people have metabolisms that help them burn their calorie intake quickly, and I envy those people, because what is better in life than food? On the other side of the spectrum where I belong, I constantly watch what I eat, and God forbid I feel like enjoying a well deserved meal or snack once in a blue moon, I find that I gain at least a kilo the next morning. Depressing, right? read more

Preparing Your Eldest Child For A New Baby


I scrambled my thoughts together to write a parenting post gathered from my first hand experience on how I prepared Tracy deal with the arrival of her little brother Fares, and how I helped her adjust. I must say that these are in no way foolproof, nor have I read about them in any book or online entry, they are solely based on my day to day struggle, and upon the encouragement of my friends to put these experiences into writing I finally did so.


There is nothing more exciting than expecting a new baby, but if the baby is the second in your family, the joy comes with a mini moment of panic. How do you break the news to your first born? How can you help your eldest adjust? Can you avoid jealousy between siblings? read more