Spring 2014 Nail Trends

The color palettes for Spring nails are an extreme of color versus nude, yet none of which aren’t daring. I have compiled the latest trends in nail color from the runways, and organized them into 5 main categories for you to be inspired and choose from.

Lets start with the color blue, the trend ranges anywhere from baby blue to midnight blue and everything in between. The lighter shades are very feminine and are easy to pull off, however the darker shades similar to the ones trending this past fall are quite bold, if you like to deliver a shock factor they will work for you. read more

Puffy Eye D.I.Y.

One of the disadvantages of our modern life is the lack of the luxury known as time. We cram so much into a day, that us women don’t even get our necessary beauty sleep. One of the results? Uh huh, puffy eyes. These 2 do it yourself fixes are quick and easy, try one or both to reduce tiredness around the eyes.

Tea bags:

Place 2 tea bags in warm water, then put in the fridge for a few minutes. Then place the bags on each of your eyes for approximately 5 minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh.

Cucumbers: read more

Bra Shape Guide

Finding the perfect bra isn’t an easy task for most of us. It is either too loose or too tight, the cup is too big or too small. Sometimes they make it seem as if we have 4 breasts. The issue I want to address today is the bra shape. The correct shape can affect your posture, image, and how the clothes fit your body. Take note of these 4 bra types and the breasts they suit.

The Full Cup:


Suitable for large breasts, this bra usually comes with thick straps and back strap for maximum support and relief for your back. read more

Shiny Hair Secret

What if I told you that the secret to healthy shiny hair is in your kitchen cabinet?


Yep, olive oil and honey make for a perfect combination for your hair, be it frizzy, dull, rough, or even if it has dandruff and split ends. Olive oil has a fatty acid that coats each hair and protects it from being damaged with the use of hair dryers, flat or curling irons, and helps it look shiny. Honey is a conditioner and keeps the scalp healthy.

Try this Do-It-Yourself hair mask (I do it from time to time and it works wonders) from the comfort of your own home. read more

Funky Footwear

Gone are the days when sneakers were just for working out at the gym or playing sports. The trend for the past few years and more so this season, is comfy footwear. I personally am in love with this, sneakers are my passion and I have quite a collection. Therefore, nothing makes me happier than seeing the colorful line of the French Brand Não do Brasil of Brazilian designed sports footwear. The rule of no fashion rule at the moment, makes it super easy to wear any design and color sneakers without adhering to the old rule of matching shoes with your bag and outfit. So go crazy! read more

Modern Day Mama

Pregnancy is a time of major changes in a woman’s life. Its a transition into a new phase and the physical transformations take a toll on an emotional level. I have been there myself, and its hard to find maternity wardrobe that doesn’t make you feel like a whole other species. The good news is, designers have become aware of this fact, and frumpy, formless clothing are a thing of the past. I searched for some new maternity styles that flatter your bump while still being comfy, and found some tops and blouses at PreMaman shop that I would like to share with you. read more

Midday Makeup

I’m not a big fan of makeup during the day, especially in the sunlight where every little detail is exaggerated. Eyeliner smudges, contouring is too defined and foundation is thick and heavy. However, I had a lunch at the country club’s outdoor terrace yesterday, and wanting to bring my best face forward, I opted for fresh, light makeup, neither over doing it nor going au naturel.


To achieve this look I used the following:

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector – Light for my skin tone, also available in dark. read more

Red Rules

You think you can’t pull off wearing red? Well think again. Its only a matter of choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone.

To illustrate this, I put some red paint on my palette, along with blue and yellow paint on each side.


If you have pale, light skin, then you have blue undertones. If you have medium to dark skin, then you have yellow undertones.  I mixed red with each of these colors, and the result is the shade of red that suits your skin.


Keep in mind that this is only ONE shade of many, depending on the percentage of yellow or blue versus red which results in various hues when mixed. Use it as a guideline for your future red purchases. read more

Decorate to Donate

Message De Paix is an NGO that works with mentally challenged adults, allowing them to become responsible contributors to society by helping them develop manual skills and craftsmanship. The result of their work is exhibited for sale and is especially highlighted during the holiday seasons. The adults in this organization have currently on display, a wide range of Easter decoration for the home, Palm Sunday candles made of various material, all colorful and each unique. By buying an item, you would be helping the members feel empowered, have faith in themselves and continue to be productive. read more

Crop Tops in Winter

One of my pet peeves is crop tops in winter. I have seen this so many times the past season, even when the temperature is around 10°C. I’m not talking about the tops that cover up when you wear high waist pants; that trend can be tastefully done while being season-appropriate. I mean low waist pants with a top that’s just under the bust. Regardless of whether its in style or not, it is more suitable for warmer weather. We all know the aftermath of having our belly exposed in the cold, and it ain’t pretty. read more