Restaurant Review: Mandarine

Last weekend I headed down to Mandarine in Verdun. The restaurant has a few outdoor tables but it was too cold to sit outside, so the large indoor space was perfect. For a weekend it was a bit quiet, as the peak time is weekdays due to its prime location next to many companies.

The special features are a mezze conveyor, daily dishes, and a salad bar. The cuisine is international, ranging from salads, pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches to platters.

The item that drew me in was Chicken with Curry for 26,900 L.L.


The chicken is sauteed in curry and coconut sauce and is served with a side of basmati rice decorated with raisins and onions. The rice was a bit hard, and is better eaten with the sauce. The chicken was just right in terms of quantity and quality. However I would have preferred if the curry actually tasted like curry, its a more mainstream taste, not spicy or rich in peppers at all, probably to suit a wider audience.

This is the Mandarine Burger for 18,900 L.L.


Its a shame that this burger is named after the restaurant, it would have been better to either rename the burger to plain old ‘Hamburger’, or play up the ingredients. The burger consisted of a bun with cocktail sauce and meat, nothing else. The beef is tasty and can well be eaten alone. I really wish this item be adjusted to fit its name and price.

For the finale, we ordered Chocolate Fondant to share for 11,900 L.L.


The chocolate was very good, and half of this was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I wish the chocolate drizzled on the plate were warm though, it would have been a more interesting combination with the vanilla ice cream, which was yummy.

Soft drinks each 4,900 L.L. with no refill.

Final verdict: I’m sorry to say that I don’t really recommend this place. To be fair the curry wasn’t bad and the dessert was good, so if you want to give it a try, go ahead and try different items than the ones I ordered, but don’t get your hopes up.

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