Converse Wedge Sneakers

As I walked past the Converse shop last week, I was shocked to say the least, when I saw a pair of wedge sneakers as part of their new line.

My jaw dropped. Ugh!

There are a few things I hate more than wedge sneakers, and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them. I don’t care how big a trend they are, sneakers are for comfort, not for the extra leverage in height.

I can probably understand shoe designers introducing the wedge sneaker to their line for a more casual style, but to see Converse do them? Why? To boost sales?

I have worn my first pair of All Stars probably like 20 years ago long before it became a trend, and by all means its one of my favorite brands. Back then it was uncool. It was for those who didn’t fit in at school, who would wear sneakers and listen to Nirvana as I did with my group. It meant individuality, it meant being an outsider and not caring.

Gradually, Converse started to introduce more fun and interesting prints.





High tops rock, as do low tops. I can deal with no lace and prints, they are a more feminine sneaker and are easier to fit in the mainstream market. But this wedge below is too much. Converse, you are selling out.



Please ladies, if you do intend to buy Converse sneakers, do it the right way, for comfort!

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