Product Review: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula

I am in constant search for the perfect hair product, the one that will end my frantic curly hair misery. A year or so ago I was seeking out a coconut based hair product, as they are known to decrease hair loss, reduce split ends, and give an overall shine. I found Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula – Gel Curl Activator. It wasn’t all that bad, it gave my hair a glossy coat and smelled great.


After a while, the tube was almost over and I moved on to another product. However recently I went back and searched for another coconut based hair care and found the one and only Palmer’s, except this time the Coconut Oil Formula was Moisture Gro. Of course I grabbed it and rushed back home to try it.


The first time I gave it a try, it greased my hair. I couldn’t handle it, I was ashamed to even show up at work and couldn’t wait to get home and wash my hair. It turned my hair into a greasy mess! Obviously it was clean but it didn’t look that way. My usually normal to dry hair gone greasy is a big deal for me, I’m big on cleanliness. I wanted to throw it out, but I decided after long thought, to give it another chance a few weeks later. So I did, using such a microscopic amount to avoid the greasy effect. Same frickin result. I can only imagine what it would do to women with normal or fine hair, if my frizz prone hair didn’t handle it. Its safe to say that I’ll settle by throwing it. I’m not even gonna give it away, I wouldn’t wish this type of hair punishment upon my enemy.

Final verdict: I’m disappointed in Palmer’s. Do not even think of buying it, spare your hair and spare the embarrassment UNLESS you have super thick hair. I still do believe in Palmer’s so I shall wait and see what they release next, hoping it will be better.

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