Beirut Designers’ Week

The Beirut Designers’ Week that is taking place in Zaitunay Bay from May 9 to May 12 2014, is the 2nd edition in this installment. I went there on Saturday, and seeing so many exhibitors and attendees, I was beaming with pride for my country’s talents and those who support them. Countless stands were lined up at the boardwalk, and the usually busy hot-spot was even busier. I visited each and every stand, and the handmade items on display were mind blowing. Such big collections, its really inspiring. From clothing to handbags, lingerie to accessories, home deco to jewelry and much more. Take a look at a few snapshots.






When I arrived, I marched towards the stand that stood out to me as I started to rummage through the designs, and a beautiful young lady who I thought was a customer, turned out to be the designer and owner of Billy And Lilly boutique in Zalka and in Cairo, the Egyptian Lobna Amin Barrage. Take a look at what she had on display, unique pieces including blazers, vests and overalls.



I had the pleasure of meeting another designer that I know through a Facebook group, she is the Italian accessories designer and mom, Angela Bonifacio of Monilya designs. As a mom myself I love to support other moms in being independent, having their own business and following their dreams. This is she, her lively spirit comes through in the picture below next to her handmade collection. She sells her designs online via Facebook.


Next is Grace Akkaoui Hakim, owner and designer of a kids accessories online shop Huggables. Her line ranges from baby to toddler, with hip prints for stylish kids, including dresses, towels and handbags. I’m happy to say the least, because we have a lack of Lebanese designers tapping into baby-wear. I will definitely be dressing my baby girl in her designs in the near future, I have my eye on an adorable tank top!


I also found my way to Nadine Zeni’s stand, she designs leather handbags, ready to wear and made to order dresses and evening wear. She has a boutique in Beirut Souks. This is Nadine and I posing next to her collection, and as a couture lover myself, I find her designs of international standard. Her collection can also be found in Dubai, Qatar, Jeddah and Amman.


Finally I passed by Claire Damaa’s stand, known as the designer of Claire D lingerie. What I love in particular is that she is one of the few lingerie designers in Lebanon, and her collection targets every occasion, from the simple to the bridal. Her boutique is in Jounieh, but we can soon see her designs in other lingerie stores. She resides in Paris where she also displays her collection.


I encourage all Lebanese and tourists to pass by Zaitunay Bay for this event, you still have the chance today and tomorrow. We have so many local talents, lets all support them. Don’t miss it!

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