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Restaurant Review: The Met

I went for a late lunch last weekend at The Met in Downtown Beirut Souks. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, and the ambiance is chill, full of families, couples, and tourists. Although its spacious, there is still a cozy charm about the place, perhaps its the interior finishing or the books adorning the shelves.


The menu is international, and it took me forever to decide on what cuisine I shall have. Eventually my husband and I ordered the following items.

For starters, we went ahead with the chicken tenders for 13,500 L.L.


They were as crispy as they look, and the chicken was very tender. I’m not a fan of the cocktail sauce so I opted for Teriaki, it might sound strange but the combination tasted great.

Next, salad bar for one, for 21,500 L.L. which is quite an affordable price in comparison to other restaurants who are either way more expensive, or the same price but with far less items.



The veggies were all fresh and up to standard except for the heart of palm (palmito) that was very hard. The feta cheese didn’t taste too good either, but aside from that it wasn’t bad at all.

My special treat was the Fettuccine Alfredo for 19,500 L.L. and I added chicken to it for 2,900 L.L.


The portion is perfect, I loved it, and didn’t even feel the need to add parmesan or salt. Well maybe just a bit. It is tasty but the temperature wasn’t too perfect, it should have been hotter, cold pasta isn’t exactly a treat. My only problem with it is the chicken addition was literally 5 pieces, each 1 cm x 1 cm, practically nonexistent. I’m paying for actual chicken people, please allow me to be able to at least see it instead of searching through a magnifying glass.

Soft drinks 4,900 L.L. each, no refill.

Final verdict: For a restaurant in the heart of Beirut, I would say its affordable, way more than a lot of overpriced places with a zero location. Great ambiance, friendly and knowledgeable waiters, and good food. Recommended.

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