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Restaurant Review: Classic Burger Joint

One of my favorite burgers EVER is at Classic Burger Joint, and that is The Mexican. I have never been unfaithful to it in all the times I’ve visited this restaurant, and I usually stick to the same item once I’ve fallen in love, but a few nights ago was a different story. I took a risk and changed my ‘usual’ to Classic Chicken Mozzarella.

This is the heavenly burger for 18,500 L.L.


I can’t tolerate mayonnaise so I changed the sauce to the spicy mexican, exchanged pickles for onions and pepper free of charge, and a green salad instead of the coleslaw for 1,500 L.L. Due to my picky tastes, I tend to switch around the ingredients to get a custom meal.


The burger bun is tasty, not one you would want to avoid eating, as some buns are devoid of taste and are literally empty calories. The chicken breast is juicy, and the mozzarella is perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, one of the better tasting breaded mozzarella this side of town. If you can tolerate onions and pepper then try them as an add on. They were more on the raw side but it wasn’t a problem because it adds flavor and complements the mexican sauce I chose. The salad, although the veggies were fresh, I couldn’t bare to eat, as the lettuce was very bitter, and oddly enough they don’t serve a lemon and oil dressing so I was obliged to eat it as it is. The fries were not up to standard this time, they are usually very big, fresh, crispy and have a particular taste of peppers, however they were the complete opposite, and they were also cold.

Classic Burger Joint is one of the few places that genuinely cares about their customers, and they promise to deliver a great experience, and if there is anything wrong with your food they will fix it on the spot. That’s what makes us burger lovers coming back, and that’s why I can let these few imperfections slide.

Final verdict: Although pricey for a burger and a soft drink (3,500 L.L.), I recommend it big time, you won’t find a taste like this anywhere else!

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