Restaurant Review: Duo

A few days ago I went to have dinner at Duo in ABC Dbayeh, it was the most crowded spot on a midweek. I was at a bit of a loss as what to order, but finally settled on the following.


Goat Cheese Salad for 23,500 L.L. Its quite a small salad, perfect for sharing, but not particularly filling to be ordered alone. The veggies were fresh, and the sauce light and barely there (in a good way). I was a bit reluctant to try the goat cheese, but combined with the bread which was cut into perfection, it reduced the strong taste and was just right. I mixed the cheese with the olive paste served at the beginning, I recommend you do the same, its quite delish.


This is the Margherita pizza for 18,500 L.L. The crust I could do without, it doesn’t add anything special to the pizza. The dough is thin as most pizzas are, so it leaves you feeling a little less guilty for eating carbs at night. The tomato sauce was spread all over the dough and so was the mozzarella which was quite thick and tasty, I could actually see its thickness unlike other restaurants where the cheese is as thin as a paper. This pizza doesn’t come with mushrooms, but I chose to add them (only 1,000 L.L.) to give it an extra ingredient.

Soft drinks are for 5,500 L.L. and no refill. You know how I feel about that so i won’t repeat myself.

Final verdict: Give it a try, tastes good, ideal for sharing.

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