Restaurant Review: Cozmo Cafe

Since I am re-visiting the restaurants I have had the pleasure to dine in before I started blogging, I am particularly choosing the ones that were of a disappointment to me the 1st (or 2nd) time around, to give them another chance. Cozmo Cafe is one of those places, where I swore I would never return due to the seriously cold temperature of the main dishes, burgers, pizza and pasta I have eaten there before. So last Sunday, my husband and I decided to go there.

For starters, we ordered the Mozzarella Sticks for 13,500 L.L.


I must say I was shocked at how thin they are, and that usually is a no-no in my book. The mozzarella wasn’t melting but it was warm and soft, and the breaded shell had a bit of a spicy flavor to it. I must say, these are surprisingly quite tasty.

Next, I opted for Chicken Ai Funghi for 32,500 L.L.


This is a typical dish I order, and I compare restaurants based on it. The most prominent flavor is the sauce which unfortunately tasted like eggs, I doubt it was what they were going for, I’m assuming it was a bit under cooked. It was distracting to say the least. The chicken was tender but lacked a pinch of salt. The spinach also had the same problem, it was a really passive addition, I couldn’t taste it. The wedges of course were crispy to perfection. Although each of the items on this dish was less than perfect, the overall effect was ok, although I would recommend the egg flavored mushroom sauce to be solved.

Its rare that I don’t try the pizza at each restaurant I visit, and this time was no exception. This is the Margherita for 18,900 L.L.


Despite the crust being thick and wide, thus reducing the actual pizza size, it was tender and tasty, I must say one of the best crusts I have tasted. The sauce and cheese were generous, overall very satisfactory.

We ordered a soft drink for 4,900 L.L. no refill, and a local beer for 7,500 L.L.

Final verdict: Recommended, particular flavors that are special to Cozmo Cafe, however avoid the chicken dish or if you must order it, discuss it with the chef or waiter before hand.


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