Custom Bubble Bath

Do you ever get the feeling of being drained with a hint of a headache after a long week of work? Well I was there last Friday night and I scanned my room for items I could put together for what I figured would be a solution. Yep, I’m talking about a bubble bath. Since I don’t have any special product for this, I decided to scramble various types of body washes, kind of like mixing ingredients for a recipe.



I started running hot water and squeezing a bit of each of the items until the bath was full. I used the following products:

Tahiti – Perle De Soin

Palmolive – Aroma Therapy – Sensual

Old Spice – Swagger (borrowed from hubby)

L’Occitane – Fleur D’Or & Acacia

Nature’s Remedies – Olive & Lemongrass – Energizing Bath Essence

Bath & Body Works – Vanilla Noir

The Body Shop – Spa Wisdom Japan (exfoliating scrub)

Let me tell you, it worked! It created quite a foam and a heavenly scent. I soaked in the hot water and bubbles for a half hour or maybe more, and I could feel the fatigue wash away, as well as the headache. Simply magic.

You too can create your own unique scented relaxation experience with whatever you have in handy, no need for fancy sea salts or anything!


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