Puffy Eye D.I.Y.

One of the disadvantages of our modern life is the lack of the luxury known as time. We cram so much into a day, that us women don’t even get our necessary beauty sleep. One of the results? Uh huh, puffy eyes. These 2 do it yourself fixes are quick and easy, try one or both to reduce tiredness around the eyes.

Tea bags:

Place 2 tea bags in warm water, then put in the fridge for a few minutes. Then place the bags on each of your eyes for approximately 5 minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh.


Take 2 slices of cold cucumber and place each on your eyes for 30 minutes, during the process you will feel the skin on your eyelids tighten and cool down, your eyes will be refreshed once you’re done.

Try to incorporate this natural remedy into your beauty routine, weekly would be ideal!

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