Red Rules

You think you can’t pull off wearing red? Well think again. Its only a matter of choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone.

To illustrate this, I put some red paint on my palette, along with blue and yellow paint on each side.



If you have pale, light skin, then you have blue undertones. If you have medium to dark skin, then you have yellow undertones.  I mixed red with each of these colors, and the result is the shade of red that suits your skin.


Keep in mind that this is only ONE shade of many, depending on the percentage of yellow or blue versus red which results in various hues when mixed. Use it as a guideline for your future red purchases.

Kim Kardashian and Shakira are examples of yellow undertones, notice how their dresses have a subtle warm hue.


Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron are examples of blue undertones, notice the crisp cold hue of their red dresses.


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