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Nature is Always a Good Idea

Nature is Always a Good Idea

When we enter into adulthood and especially parenthood we get caught up in a cycle that doesn’t stop. From work to traffic jams to relationships to managing a household to caring for our little ones, these daily actions accumulate to create stress that is sometimes unbearable. If you add to that the fact that our generation is technology oriented and places importance on being connected all the time, the result is not ideal and cannot be handled for long periods of time.

We sometimes forget to get back to basics, nature!

There is something so freeing about being outdoors, you look around and above you and find out that you are so small, a tiny spec in the universe. That feeling alone can help you relax and take away all the things that are troubling you, even if only for a few minutes.

I’ve discovered that I am in need of nature, more so now than when I was younger, which is why every often I like to take a small escape. Sometimes it is as simple as a walk outdoors, others it is a day trip to the mountains, or perhaps a weekend at the village home.

The moment you leave the city, your tablet, laptop and TV, your brain shifts from worrying about unfinished work, unanswered emails, pending television series, social media and everything else, to the present moment. The fresh air, the chirping birds, the tall trees in the woods are a few of the many perks of this escape and will put you in a better mood, like a system reboot so to speak.

Going away every weekend is probably a stretch, as most of us have activities and appointments in the city, but once in a while whether you feel like recharging your personal batteries, or simply want a fun getaway, consider the simplest form of escape which is our mother nature.

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