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Ibn Al Bahr Dubai

Ibn Al Bahr Dubai

Ibn Al Bahr is a traditional Lebanese seafood restaurant at Club Vista Mare in the upscale Palm Jumeirah area of Dubai. It is known as the local hotspot for a fancy meal that doesn’t lose its marine authenticity.

The decor is reminiscent of a fisherman’s boat, with blue and white being the main colors including decorative elements made of rope. It happened by coincidence that I was dressed to match the theme!

Prepare your appetite because you wouldn’t want to miss a bite out of the dishes ranging from traditional cold fresh salads like tabboule and fattouch, to mezza (appetizers) such as hommos and fish tajin.

If you’re a fan of batata harra, which literally means spicy potatoes, then they need no introduction! If you haven’t tasted them, make sure to do so as they are a staple of Lebanese hot mezza.

The seafood based menu has something for everyone including both fried and grilled options for the shrimp and fish bites. One of the main courses is a fish filet served with rice, where the former is their specialty, grilled to perfection with spices that add to its unique taste.

End your meal with a cup of coffee and traditional Arabic ice cream with pistachios and cotton candy, or how we call it, ghazl el banet.

I enjoyed my meal in the late afternoon and by the time I was finished, I walked out to find a beautifully lit outdoor seating area that is charming in itself, waiting to welcome guests.

Whether you want to impress your date or invite your family and loved ones to a special gathering that leaves their palate satisfied and their tummies full, all you have to do is visit the fabulously authentic Ibn Al Bahr!

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