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Brambles Dubai

Brambles Dubai

Brambles is a bohemian inspired cafe in Barsha Heights Dubai that serves fresh wholesome items in a perfectly dainty atmosphere.

The details are what make the cafe unique, from the green elements adding an environmental touch bringing the outdoors in, to the faded pink that is integrated in the furniture and the tableware.

I am following a diet and eating out is sometimes a challenge, which is why I gravitated towards Brambles because it serves healthy and vegan options. I was very mindful of what I ordered, and decided to balance my food intake between trying new items while being aware of the quantity. The menu is wide and it’s quite a conundrum to decide what to order. That being said, you can’t go wrong with a guilt-free avocado pizza that has a rich vegetable based topping, including delicious cilantro. You can add an egg or chicken if you want a non-vegan option. Make sure to add appetizing salads to your table, a smart way to keep the calorie count low and the tummy full.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, leave room for dessert! You will be pleasantly surprised by the absence of overwhelming sugars in the smoothies and the acai bowls, and you can actually taste every ingredient, every fruit and nut, which is a perfect way to end a wholesome meal.

Brambles is a great choice if you are a resident of Dubai looking for a quiet place to conduct a meeting, work remotely, meet up with friends, a first date, follow a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle or generally a fan of healthy food. If you are visiting the Emirate, on top of the appetizing food and drinks you can try, Brambles is an Instagrammable cafe so coordinate your outfit to the frilly pinks and whites and make use of this wonderful photo opportunity!

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