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Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

Jumeirah Group sets the bar high in the hospitality sector and gives luxury travel a new meaning. I had previously stayed at Jumeirah Emirates Towers (click here to read about my experience) and was excited to discover another property, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel. Even after the perfection that was JET, I was confident that I would find something fresh this time around, with the architecturally intriguing Creekside structure that boasts a location that is close to DXB airport and multiple attractions.

The entrance is modernly majestic yet not overpowering with a red color scheme and well lit space that instantly reflect to the guest a very welcoming hotel. Every corner breathes art, and it doesn’t take too long to grasp the continuity of the artistic elements in every space and every turn of the corridor. Once you step outside you discover a fresh green area, one of which is usually used to host wedding ceremonies and private affairs. On that side of the hotel, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, peace reigns over and so does selective seclusion, a perfect match for anyone on a business trip or a couple’s retreat. It is also quite lively come nightfall, with an Irish village facing the hotel, the sound of soft rock and folk music echoing, and a little bridge and magical lights hung to create a romantic ambiance. Once back inside and at each side, a different door will lead you to new massive sections of the hotel, as if the seemingly compact structure unravels bits and pieces of itself as the guest walks through. The other side of the property which overlooks the highway and the creek is the prime spot and highly demanded when booking rooms, and luckily enough it was where my room faced and I could watch the golf course and peaceful greens and blues from the moment I woke up.

The Aviation Club is a fitness and recreation facility that offers a variety of exercise programs, a gym, spa, sports shop and even a healthy café. The club is accessible to all the hotel guests and staff, including the classes. One morning I woke up early to enjoy a light and nutritious breakfast to prepare myself for a morning yoga session. I’m more of an evening exercise person but never would I have imagined taking a liking to a morning workout! The yoga class was calming to the point where I unwillingly released tears during the unwinding segment; it was also energizing at the same time and allowed me to start my day with balance and confidence.

A tip for guests of Jumeirah Creekside Hotel is that you get complimentary access to Wild Wadi aqua park and private pools and beaches such as Zabeel Saray which is absolutely magnificent, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel which is the beach of Burj Al Arab where you can take close up shots of yourself and your loved ones with an iconic backdrop. The hotel also offers shuttles to and from these properties, including a drop off and pick up to and from the Dubai Mall, which saves you big bucks worth of taxi rides.

The elevator door opened on the 6th floor onto a deep red carpeted surface that led into a private quarter as I walked along a corridor to reach my room. To my astonishment, the duplex was a spacious realm of reds, browns and beiges that mixed classic with contemporary in an effortless manner. From the practical kitchen to the funky vases, the executive desk to the living room embellished with large decorative elements, the lower floor was complete with a mini bar, magazines and a curious staircase that would make a grown person giddy with joy to discover what was up. I was pink with glee when I saw the warm welcome in the form of a Tiffany blue chocolate mousse cake with a customized decoration and letter, reminding me that Jumeirah Group truly cares about making each of their hotel guests feel the most welcome and at home.

The staircase unwinds onto another office and into the bedroom area which has a comfortable closet space, a sweeping bathroom with a freestanding bathtub that is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, and a wide bed nestled in an antique inspired décor overlooking the golf course and creek. The controls to the duplex suite are easy to use and conveniently located by the bed in addition to outside the bath area.

Nomad is the main hotel restaurant where a buffet breakfast is served and includes a selection of local and international items as well as a healthy corner. Seating is either indoor or outdoor, I personally chose to stay inside due to the hot weather, and enjoyed the view of the greenery through a decorative mesh at the window while sipping my coffee. One can’t help but notice the running theme of the color red which gives the hotel a uniform spirit and continuity.

Come nightfall, Cuba is THE place to be, situated on the 8th floor with the pool just outside the glass doors, and operating until 1 AM. The blue tinted lighting reflects on the white décor to create a summery vibe, and is ideal for watching a sports game with the guys, cocktails with the ladies, or grabbing a bite off their delicious menu. My advice is to ask your waiter which drinks are the most delicious, you won’t regret it! Take advantage of your stay to capture breathtaking pictures of the city lights at the deck’s vantage point where you can see both the modern Dubai on one side, and the old city known as Bur Dubai on the other. During the day work on your tan at the pool, and when you decide to take a dip, go underwater and look under you to see a surprise, the pool is actually cantilevered above the hotel lobby! This is an incredible photo opportunity (click here to check my Instagram post), and all those who are down below will look up and see a daring swimmer floating atop! Whether you are a guest at Jumeirah Creekside or are simply in the mood for a good steak and fine wine, make sure to head down to Nomad on Wednesdays where they host “steak night” (kindly contact the management for more details). I had a delicious chicken soup, a sumptuous steak, and a cheesecake that puts all other to shame, no joke!

It is no secret how I feel towards Jumeirah Group, as I have experienced firsthand their hospitality not once, but two times. They truly redefine luxury to include not only amenities, but also guest relations. This means that luxury is in the reception of each guest, and is attainable at a price range for all to afford, from those who choose to book single rooms or more lavish suites. Whether you are a resident of the UAE looking for a weekend getaway, a group of friends wanting to enjoy a hefty meal, a traveler on business or leisure, allow Jumeirah Creekside Hotel to welcome you into the lap of a luxurious lifestyle.

For inquiries, information and reservations, head to the main website (click here).

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