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Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai

Jumeirah is a name that is synonymous with luxury and lifestyle. I am no stranger to the Jumierah Emirates Towers, as I have previously attended a Christie’s auction launch with watches from the SIHH and private viewing of jewelry from the world’s most coveted collections. The hotel, although located on Sheikh Zayed road, feels isolated and peaceful. This is due to the grand and sweeping entrance that makes the property private and exclusive. During my stay and each time I headed out, attentive doormen would call a taxi on my behalf, making transportation easy and efficient. The lobby, other than being architecturally beautiful, is a calm place that allowed me to catch up on my daily business and correspondence.

I was escorted up to my floor by the manager, and as it turns out, the series of floors where my suite is located is accessible only via an independent elevator that leads only to that section. A chic lobby presented the space and I walked into the private niche that contained the suite. I kid you not, the sight of the room will make an adult feel like a child again, and with a huge smile plastered on my face, I did a mini tour to discover its interior. The decor was reminiscent of a yacht, and having a soft spot for marine lifestyle, I went gaga. A partition separated the bedroom from the living space, which was a sweeping carpeted area that had an impressive outdoor view. The TV was on with a personalized greeting, the complimentary tea and coffee included Nespresso capsules and of course the machine, the executive desk that is a must for any business man/woman was complete with stationary with my name on it. I was so touched with the attention to detail, I felt instantly welcome yet out of words. I even found a Chopard perfume bottle next to the nightstand, need I say more?

Pink macarons, a fruit basket and chocolate delicacies, what more can a girl ask for? Oh and the Jumeirah frame and stand are made of chocolate as well! I continued to discover the intricate details of the room and found out that the controls for the lights, curtains, housekeeping and everything in between are located on a sleek flat black tableau. Talk about a high tech suite!

I took a walk towards the pool and found that the pathway wraps around the other end of the building to reveal high end shops and a few nightlife hotspots. The ambiance at the pool was chill and the attention of the staff was impeccable. Once you arrive on deck you will find a large bottle of sunscreen available in case you forgot yours, to apply freely before starting your tanning session. You are also offered a cooler with 2 bottles of water to stay hydrated, a very practical and kind thought from the hotel management. The outdoor hot tub is a great way to relax while looking up to the magnificent structures that make the Dubai skyline. On one of the hot days where I was tanning and swimming, a young lady on duty passed by all of the beds to offer a lemon popsicle! I am constantly blown away by the generosity and attention to details by Jumeirah.

The bathroom in my suite had both a tub and a shower, and I was overjoyed to find a monogrammed bath towel with my name on it! The shower essentials were large in size and to be honest, it’s a traveler’s dream rather than squeezing the life out of tiny bottles that are never enough. I was delighted to find a leather box that contained a hairdryer and a straightening iron, and although I had gotten my own with me, it amazed me at how thoughtful the hospitality management of the hotel is to think of the little details that would make their female guests happy and covered.

One cannot visit the hotel and not dine at the signature The Rib Room, and I was no exception to this golden rule. I crossed the lobby and entered a dimly lit space with architectural elements that added playfulness to a chic location. The knowledgeable Georgian waiter helped me with my selection, and we discussed in detail every dish. I started with the truffle and Parmesan beef carpaccio and went straight on to the steak, with a selection of sauces to try, including red wine, pepper and cheese. The sides were spinach and mushrooms, both sauteed and not creamy, and I added a fresh salad to enjoy. My drink of choice was the South African white house wine which was smooth and tasty, and although I was entirely full after my meal, I couldn’t leave without trying the dessert. The entire experience from the attentive manager and waiter, to the romantic setup and the delicious cuisine was perfection.

The breakfast is hosted in the main dining area accessible from the lobby. It is a wide space with ample seating ranging from the windows with a view to the pool, inwards and on to a platform. The food is located at the innermost area and include a live omelette cooking station, a range of superfoods, savory delicacies rich in taste, sweets and pastries, a juice bar where you choose which fresh fruits you would like squeezed, in addition to a very practical and thoughtful kids buffet table.

Breakfast is also served at the club room on the executive floor with exclusive access to specific hotel guests. If you are a fan of afternoon tea like myself, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on Jumeirah’s twist on the classic tiered tray of sandwiches. A full fledged buffet is their unique interpretation and it contains international cuisine in the form of bites for one to enjoy a taste of each. The space is well lit and calm with an incredible view of the city, and translates into the ideal afternoon getaway.

During Ramadan, a buffet for Iftar was held every night and afterwards the Suhoor a la carte until 2 AM. In the ballroom area there was a “majlis” setup for those who preferred a little privacy. I decided to go down one night and I experienced the Oud band serving out loved oriental hits and “tarab” songs. The entire place was full of locals and it gave me a sense of the Emirati culture during the holy month. As it was late and I didn’t want to overeat, I ordered a salad “fattoush”and tea, and was surprised by the generous portion and extra bread selection served on the side. It is hard to describe but during that evening with a truly authentic Arabic ambiance, I felt the extent of the local hospitality.

There is luxury. Then there is Jumeirah Emirates Towers. To try and summarize my stay, the service and the attention to detail will not do the hotel justice. Instead, I highly suggest and recommend to book a getaway, vacation or even a meal and experience first hand what it means to be a guest at the Towers!

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