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Andes Dubai

One evening in May I cabbed my way from Sheikh Zayed Road to a building complex dubbed the World Trade Center. As the taxi dropped me off at the entrance of the private area, I walked past restaurants, a mall and a hotel until I reached a magnificent series of buildings lit up in contrast to the dark sky.

Andes is nestled in this Trade Center area, amidst the trees and beautiful modern architecture, and thus I entered.

The space is cozy in size, nothing too imposing that would leave a foodie feeling overpowered, with the exception of high ceilings and impressive decor inspired by what I can only assume is a citizen of the world. This mix of eclectic and quaint describes both the menu items and the ambiance.

The table setup and service mirrors that of a fine dining establishment, which although Andes does not claim to be, is implemented by the staff with perfect attention to details and cues from the customer.

I started my dinner with the delicious Superfood Salad, a mixture of roasted chickpeas, quinoa, bulgur and pomegranate. The ingredients danced together with a sauce that was inclusive of sweet notes and a tad of spice, allowing each bite to be a feast of flavors without any extra dripping.

Next I enjoyed the Fillet of Fish and my selection was the Hamour, a tender fish topped with tapenade, house pickles, cherry tomatoes and a fresh salad.

The dessert was a no-brainer, the signature Smoked Andes Mountains. A delicious dark chocolate fudge biscuit, sponge cake with Tonka ice cream.

I made an unconventional choice with my drink and instead of ordering a soft drink or alcoholic beverage, decided to try the spicy chocolate tea. What a mind blowing combination for a homemade tea, truly one of a kind.

My final verdict? Andes is highly recommended as a destination for South American cuisine, go for the food and leave with a wider palate.

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