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Six Senses Spa Dubai

Six Senses Spa Dubai

One cannot possibly think of world class spas without Six Senses coming to mind instantly. This renowned luxury spa is located in the most exotic destinations and offers an experience that truly transports you to nirvana. I had the pleasure of disconnecting one afternoon at the Six Senses Spa Dubai located in the ultra chic and modern Renaissance Hotel Downtown. I was greeted in a gentle manner that made me forget my entire stress and work overload, and handed a form to fill out. The form was by no means generic, although some questions were standard; however they delved deeper into the needs of each massage recipient in terms of anxiety, panic, and otherwise, so that the staff would be aware of the needed outcome of each individual service. 

I was offered an almond drink which is literally squeezed almonds that created a form of milk, along with a fresh towel to cleanse my face and mood. I looked around me and saw the décor of the spacious entrance that contained selected apparel and gave the waiting area a boutique feel.

As I began the tour of the establishment, I saw the manicure room with wide and comfortable leather recliners and was led to the sensory rooms of which there are six.

Sight. Smell. Sound. Touch. Taste. Beyond.

After the initial welcome I was led by the spa director, a beautiful lady whose every movement is like a ballet dance and every word poetic. On each door, an interactive logo is placed to indicate whether a room is occupied or not, and as I entered to view the rooms, I felt as if I was in a tropical island. An alchemy bar to concoct your own mask, the earth tones combined with whites and blues, the setup for every room is different yet similar calming vibes ran through.

My room for that afternoon was the Touch suite. My therapist explained what I had to do in detail, first remove all my accessories and place them in a special box, take a quick shower, dry, enter the pod (will get to that in a moment), shower again, dry, get on the massage table. At the mention of the pod I was astounded. How could I willingly enter a device which I will close for the duration of around 15 minutes, in darkness, with no one in the room? Amidst my questioning, it was explained to me that this was a flotation pod, filled with a whopping 400 kilograms of Epsom salt that would allow me to experience weightlessness in an almost no gravity situation.

I followed the instructions, entered the pod and closed it. What I am about to describe is real no matter how surreal and absurd it sounds. As I tried to place my head on the floating pillow I struggled with my weightlessness and burst out laughing. I swayed from side to side, turning around abruptly with the help (or lack thereof) of the water, in a manner that felt almost like a joke, a circus, an amusement park. I remember feeling so happy, so genuinely happy at that moment, I forgot who I was. Was I a fetus in my mother’s womb? Was I Le Petit Prince from Antoine De Saint Exupery? Was I really Maria, a grown woman with a stature that resembles that of a Norse or Greek legend? How was I floating? Then there was nothing but peace. Existence but non-existence. I was in a dark kaleidoscope, the bottom of a pit, Alice in Wonderland, and the entire fantasy lands one can think of. I was smiling, laughing, my heart was giddy. And just as I had entered, where time seemed like a millisecond, my session was over.

It was time for my massage, which started and ended by my therapist creating sounds from a handmade bowl from Nepal, held tightly on specific parts of my stomach and spine for the vibrations to run throughout my body. The hour flew by as the oils were being expertly massaged and when the session was over I could barely sit up straight from all the tension that had just left my body, mind and soul. I stayed for a while to recuperate and then moved to the relaxation part of the suite which is a large and comfy bed-like sofa with a view of the blue bay. I enjoyed an energizing tea and healthy snacks before heading out, making sure I touched the green moss wall which added to the wellness ambiance of the suite.

I chilled for a while longer within the hotel and once I felt it was time to get back to reality, I walked out with an ecstatic smile on my face!

I am without a doubt returning to Six Senses Spa, perhaps for a private yoga session or another massage, and I highly recommend their services for any local or traveler who wants to experience the ultimate relaxation to recharge. I say this with confidence and utmost honesty, Six Senses is the mother of all spas!

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