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Towers Rotana Dubai

Towers Rotana Dubai

Towers Rotana stands tall on Dubai’s prominent Sheikh Zayed Road and boasts a number of advantages due to this prime location. It is a 1 minute walk to the metro station (red line) that takes you pretty much anywhere you need to go, and if you prefer to cab the route, numerous taxis pass by the hotel every few seconds to take you to your destination. Around it and in walking distance everything you need in the city is there, grocery store, pharmacy and more essentials, including many local hotspots and cafes. This means that you are well surrounded by all that Dubai has to offer and will not have a second to spare from all this fun!

The staff at Towers Rotana, from the doorman to the receptionists and maintenance staff to the housekeeping are welcoming and friendly. Once you enter the hotel doors you lose your anonymity. You are no longer a tourist; you are a part of this wonderful big family.

I stayed in the suite for 3 nights, a spacious living area complete with a dining table and a TV, a guest toilet, a master bedroom that has a large imposing vanity, a wide leather window seat, and a double sink bathroom with perfect lighting for makeup. A “foodie guide” is provided in each room that includes bloggers’ recommendations of the Towers restaurant items, it comes in handy for guests who would like to dine in to have a general idea of winning dishes.

I chose to spend some time by the pool upon my arrival which to my delight was very calm and secluded, you get the feeling that you are in a valley with mountains around you, those mountains being the surrounding towers. Bar service is optional for those who would like refreshments and towels are complimentary, the general ambiance is ideal for napping (yes, napping), reading a book, listening to music, or merely contemplating.

The breakfast buffet runs for several hours giving the guest the freedom to start their day at their convenience, no rushing to wake up early here! The area is spacious and consists of many sections that include bread and pastries, cheese and ham, omelet station, healthy corner with fruits and yogurt among other more rich and filling dishes if your preference dictates so. The service is very attentive and once you are seated you will be asked what your drink of choice is. I had the pleasure of enjoying the calm space and savoring the delicacies before starting my day.

For dinner, don’t think twice and head to Teatro, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant that is said to be Ragheb Alama’s regular spot in Dubai! It is dubbed “where East meets West” and mixed with its theatrical referenced name it is rightfully a class act. The elevator door opened and I found myself taken into an enchanted Far Eastern tale mixed with elements of old Hollywood. The dim lighting, the scarlet red furniture, the floral decoration and the candles all contributed to a surreal feeling. I was escorted to my seat and asked what I would like to drink, and upon ordering my usual Old Fashioned, the waitress suggested the restaurant’s must try items. I took the recommendation and added to the mix a truffle soup (good to share) for a warm start of the meal. The Miso Seabass is definitely a dish you should not miss, one stroke of the fork and its tender meat is cut and ready for devouring. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, Teatro is a hotspot that should not be missed!

I had the pleasure of joining the Towers Rotana management on a trip to Sharjah to visit the Al Noor Mosque with Sharjah Center for Cultural Communication, an event covered by Hotelier ME magazine. There we discovered more about Islam and Ramadan traditions, I spoke a bit about my experience after the presentation, and I was left with fond memories and a souvenir lantern filled with goodies.

Every trip comes to an end, a bittersweet one for me, I had felt so welcome at the hotel and the suite was like my second home. I would chill on the couch at night, apply my makeup in the evening, and sit on the leather couch observing Sheikh Zayed road in the morning, not to mention sleeping in a comfortable bed that I didn’t want to get out of! I recommend Towers Rotana to any traveler looking to visit Dubai, or even local residents who would like a quick getaway and enjoy a staycation. I hold good memories and will hopefully be visiting soon!

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