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The Doers Club

I am known as Maria the style blogger, (or as many people call me “style me”) who is always attending posh events in the most casual outfits. “Don’t you feel awkward?”, they ask. “Kudos for staying true to your personal style!”, they say. And staying true is what helps me to not bend day in and day out as the influence of a certain sector of society tries to get to you, peer pressure style.

The only summer event that was true to itself, thus allowing all the attendees including myself to be bare and genuine, was the notorious Monday nights of food, drinks, friends and dancing, a.k.a. the Doers Club. What makes it so sought after? It is because amidst the cookie cutter events happening in the capital targeting the same circle, rises an alternative by Dewar’s that caters to independent creatives living true to their passion.

If you thought Dewar’s was solely catering to whisky drinkers of a certain generation, think again, because the mixologists at the pop-up venue at Fattal headquarters were bringing their A game, from new cocktails to the classics. I for one am a fan of the staple drinks and mixes, but my senses were delighted as I discovered a few of the new recipes the bartenders concocted.

What was equally awesome was the food stations, namely the traditional Scotch Egg, and live bands and DJs until way past midnight to create an atmosphere that is hard to part with. Even if you do show up alone, you are guaranteed a good time and will definitely make a friend, or ten!

Who will you find at the Doers Club? Artists, actors, musicians, and anyone and everyone who seeks to question the status quo by living independently and eccentrically. The vibes are unmatched, the authenticity of the crowd is unprecedented, and the laughter cannot be faked.

So tell me, are you a Doer?




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