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Keep Your Opinion To Yourself

You know what I’m sick of? It’s people who think they have the right to comment on someone else’s weight gain/loss, their food intake, their dietary choices, and anything along those lines.


Newsflash: If it isn’t your body, then kindly refrain from sharing your opinion.

If I had a dollar for every time someone oh so clever on social media decided to comment sarcastically about a food photo I shared, I would have enough money to buy a bakery and eat every darn thing my heart desired. That’ll give them something to talk about.

A while ago I shared a personal entry about my weight loss journey (click here to read), I am still working hard at it, and it’s a long and steady process to attain a healthier me.

I realize that blogging and being in the “public” eye so to speak, makes one vulnerable, because we choose to share our private issues and we choose to connect with our audience and therefore must accept a certain dose of criticism. But there’s that and there’s too much of a good thing. For instance, when I’m at a restaurant opening or any food related event and I share stories on Instagram and Snapchat, people automatically DM me with their comments that I shouldn’t be eating that or literally have the audacity to tell me “stop eating”. Do these people know that A: I planned my day’s meals with my dietitian so I can indulge later at the event, or B: I am taking photos and videos to share the venue’s menu with my followers but eating a measly salad, or C: I feel like treating myself after months of being on a strict health plan? No, no and no. No one knows and it’s no one’s business to comment. So next time you see me snapping my diet chocolate drink, don’t comment that it’s fattening. Or if you see me sharing my tea, don’t assume it came with a side of pie. I’m not here to explain why I make the choices that I make and I’m not waiting for anyone’s approval.


Why am I enraged? It’s because no one knows my struggle, or the struggle of any person with extra weight they are trying to get rid of. Women already have a hard time because of society’s pressure to look perfect, so spare us all your “well intended” comments. Who’s to say what’s perfect anyway? Shall we spend our days thinking of how to achieve the “summer body” and #bodygoals? Shall we allow other people to criticize us as they please? No effing way! Life is too short to worry about what other people think. It took me years to accept that my body is not genetically prone to being skinny, and no amount of hate or bashing on and off social media will make me believe less of myself. I am fabulous and I know it, I am curvy and I like it, I love myself the way I am, and I am working on a better version of me for me, so take your opinion elsewhere.



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