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I got to thinking why style these days has become so effortless, can you even remember when we used to color coordinate our outfit, making sure the fabric was harmonious, and our total look made sense and was polished? I have never been one to follow fashion rules, so this new era for me screams individuality and experimentation.

Have you ever combined silk with cotton, or a maxi skirt with sneakers, crystal jewels with bronze accessories? Follow your intuition when you dress up and scroll down to discover how I managed to combine offbeat items to create an eclectic bohemian outfit.

Side note: I always get asked how I combine my outfits together and where I get the items from, the reason is simple, I don’t follow trends, I buy classics or vintage, I update my wardrobe frequently with staples but never part with items that can be used time and time again. That’s what makes my style unique, that and the fact that the inspiration I draw from the cities I have visited and their cultures and traditions have a lot of input on my personal style and attitude, I never shy away from mixing and matching. That is why I choose to share with you the story behind each item instead of merely stating the brand.

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The story behind the items I wore:

Top: I got this from London as a supposed home item, to match it with yoga pants, but figured it will dress down a fancy item in a funky way, and when combined with a bulky necklace can become a versatile statement tee.

Skirt: Calvin Klein silk skirt I got while pregnant, it is quite a large size but ever so fluid and feminine.

Shoes: Bensimon sneakers that I end up wearing the entire Spring ever since I got them last year.

Accessories: The Swarovski ring is an item I got from Dubai and I rarely wear, its shine complements manicured nails. The bracelet is actually supposed to be a necklace I got in Hamra over 10 years ago and I still wear it every time I get the chance. The necklace is a custom made design with my name engraved from a friend who is one of the people behind My Dulce Salerno. The earrings I got from Damascus around 15 years ago and I can never seem to part with, at the time they were weird and people used to call my style “gypsy”, but guess what, it’s a compliment! The watch is Roberto Cavalli that I thought was bulky when I first got it but a couple of years later it grew on me.

Sweater: An old gold sparkly sweater from Stradivarius that I got and literally never wore because it is so small and it never ever buckled, I really don’t know why I got it to begin with!

Bag: Tory Burch cross body bag that always comes in handy when I want a dressy black bag but don’t want the hassle of a clutch.

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