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Foodie In Barcelona

I haven’t stopped raving about Barcelona since I visited last autumn, and one of the things I cannot neglect to add on the list of its charm is the food. Both visually enticing and tasty, this Catalan city’s cuisine is top notch. Our culinary journey wasn’t premeditated, we literally sat down for a meal at the first place we saw when hunger was striking which is a rule of ours when we travel. In front of each restaurant like most cities these days, lies a board with the menu, specials, happy hour discounts and lunch offers. Read on and feast your eyes upon the food in Barcelona!

An example of the lunch set menu at Rossini in Placa Reial is the following, with a main dish, dessert and a drink, with outdoor seating that is great for people watching and relaxing along the courtyard with a magnificent view of the fountain and palm trees. We visited this joint twice, the second time being at night where we sat indoors in a cozy and romantic atmosphere complete with live piano music.





You can find a decent breakfast at every corner, the pastries and sandwiches are all displayed at the counter of almost all bakeries, so you choose based on eye candy and you’re good to go or dine in.





Generic kiosks are located every few meters along the walk leading to Barceloneta beach, offering a selection of beach worthy snacks.


You may come across a couple of restaurants like I-Tapa that offer a buffet with tapas and main dishes including seafood, these places make for a great dinner while sipping on cocktails.




For burger lovers, try Bacoa. I particularly loved this place’s branding, from the simple way of ordering at the door to the table accessories to the decor.


If you are planning a trip to Tibidabo, there is no shame in taking a few snacks of your own, because the reviews I read beforehand were accurate, the choices are limited, expensive and taste awful. I made the mistake of ignoring that advice, and this is exhibit A, the first pizza slice of my entire life which was left uneaten. The ice cream on the other hand was yummy because, well, Ben & Jerry’s.



Schilling is a cafe bar in the Gothic Quarter and the food was heavenly and not so shabby portioned as you would expect at a night spot.


La Turuleca is a Peruvian restaurant with decent food, friendly staff and very original identity and decor.




At all costs you must not miss sitting at one of the many cafes on the Ramblas street and trying their signature drinks of either Mojito or Sangria in a ginormous format. Trust me this photo was a struggle to shoot, you need both hands to lift the glass!


The frozen yogurt stand at Maremagnum mall is an excuse for a mini snack, I had the raspberry yogurt!


This is our second visit to Rossini where we tried their pizza, also a great choice.




Another breakfast choice is Forns Del Pi.




We wanted to try more tapas so we went to Cerveceria Catalana, it is much pricier than other similar restaurants since they charge by the piece, and you need like 50 to feel a bit full, but it is an experience nonetheless to try these small hand crafted appetizers.





La Boqueria is a must visit as it is Barcelona’s thriving market. Roam around while you snack on fruits, chocolates, nuts, and juices, and watch the locals buy their daily needs of meat and fish.



No European stop is complete without Amorino’s rose, enjoy it while walking in the Gothic Quarter, it is photogenic against the architectural backdrop, don’t you think?



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