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Restaurant Review: La Petite Table

Restaurant Review: La Petite Table

La Petite Table is a recently opened cafe/restaurant in Gardens Naccache serving international cuisine. The decor is beautiful and the color scheme is reminiscent of the French Provincial interiors. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, shall you choose to stay inside it is a cozy and romantic area, but if you’re up to people watching then go ahead and sit on the terrace.

For our first visit we chose items from various menu sections to get to sample a bit of everything. We started with the Four Cheese Pizzette for 12,000 L.L. which is a thin crispy pizza dough with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and gorgonzola. It is very tasty but quite small and not made to share, so make sure to order it as an appetizer and not a main course.


Artichoke and Pancetta Pizzette for 14,000 L.L. is another small pizza that differs from the Four Cheese in its artichoke, bacon and mozzarella cheese combination.


Another tasty appetizer is the crunchy Goat Cheese Pie for 17,000 L.L. which is a thin puff pastry with goat cheese, honey, balsamic, pink pepper and basil served with a side salad.



The Salad Bar is for 28,000 L.L. a price that isn’t low but compared to other restaurants of the same calibre seems reasonable. It has a variety of fresh ingredients that are visually enticing but I would love to see additional sauces served such as pesto or sweet and sour to spice things up because I felt that whatever combo I tried lacked pizzazz.


The Beef And Truffle Burger for 28,000 L.L. with angus beef, onions, rocca and cheddar cheese with fries on the side was a true specialty but also a bit small.


Tuna Gribiche is a twist to your regular tuna sandwich for 18,000 L.L. with eggs, tomatoes and lettuce served with optional fries for an extra 4,000 L.L.


Chocolate Tart for 11,000 L.L. is a decadent dessert for chocolate lovers.


Specialty of the night recommended by our waiter.


Molten Chocolate Cake for 11,500 L.L. was the meal’s finale.


Final verdict: I did enjoy my night at La Petite Table, and I would go again perhaps to try their famous breakfast. Their lunch and dinner items are tasty but they all seem to have the same issue, portion size.


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