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When I got the invitation for the annual company (which I work for) lunch, I was at a total loss as to what to wear (because a daytime affair rarely calls for glam), an issue that rarely happens with me because I am quick to decide on my outfit. However I was torn between wearing a satin blouse and maxi skirt with heels or go for my staple comfortable style. If I choose the former I would be sure to make a statement that differs from my usual jeans and sneakers everyday office wear, but I would be miserable holding up my skirt so I won’t trip on it, and wobbling like a duck in heels. My other option would definitely put me at ease regardless of what the masses would be choosing as outfits. I finally decided that I would up my casual game just enough for it to be appropriate without being under dressed. I switched my sneakers to ballet flats and my everyday bag for a more formal one.


I never wear makeup to work, not even a tiny bit, so I had to keep this event’s makeup to a minimal, assuming anything I apply on my face will make an impact. I was having a horrible week with sick kids and lack of sleep, I was fatigued and tried to hide it as best as I could. I kept it simple though, BB cream instead of foundation, bronzer instead of blush, concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara and eyeliner. Nude lipstick completed the understated look, I really hate attention so bold lips were out of the question.


I accessorized with a choker I got exactly 2 years ago which I fell in love with because the silver has an antique feel to it. I broke the non spoken accessories code and went for big dangly (with equal vintage vibe) earrings with no fear of over doing the match. I styled my own hair which is usually a mix between wavy and curly to more defined and smooth curls.


My final style for that day ended up being a snuggly sweater with a dramatic collar, denim and flats. Why? Because I believe that if you are comfortable in your clothes and stay true to yourself and your personal style, you will be free to have a good time instead of being worried about every detail and every angle of the outfit!




What I wore:

Top – Jones New York

Denim – Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes – Burberry

Jacket – Ralph Lauren

Bag – Coach

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