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Restaurant Review: East Village

I’m quite late to the Badaro game, so for my initiation to the area last Saturday night, I chose East Village. I had been hearing good reviews about the place and I wanted to try it because of the reference to my soft spot, New York City. We took a walk in the area and as we approached it we noticed a humble exterior with a busy interior. Three energetic men who are most likely partners or managers, along with two waitresses, gave off vibes that were a mix of hard work, attention and friendliness. All throughout the night as people walked in, it seemed to me that they were regulars by the way they greeted and were greeted, which of course is a good sign because a return customer is a plus to any establishment.

The table setup was simple and not fussy, the table itself being big enough for drinks or dinner without the extra forks and knives. The menu isn’t too extensive but contains a decent variety of salads, starters, meats, sides and desserts, with some specialty cocktails. Being on a diet, I had consulted with my dietitian to regulate my meal plan for the day so I would be able to enjoy my dinner.


I ordered the Bourbon Pepper Steak without giving it second thought, because, bourbon. I’m a big steak fan so I’m confident when saying that this is way up on the list of best steaks in Lebanon, and because the taste of the pepper is strong and addictive, I actually requested a spoon so I could finish the sauce off. I ordered the mushroom side dish but unfortunately they were out, and since I couldn’t have any carbs for the night, I had the steak as it is.


Naji is also a steak man, but he is equally a burger enthusiast and ordered the staple US Angus Burger medium well with a side of fries. It also ranked high on his list, the tenderness of the meat and the aged cheddar gave it that extra boost to a gourmet burger.


I wanted a sweet drink because sour is never my thing, so one of the three young men I had mentioned recommended I try the Passion Mai Tai. It was good indeed, and a change from the classic whisky or wine option with my dinner. The tall glass it was served in was really cool, I have a similar souvenir from Maui, a hand carved wooden tribal item, so I enjoyed looking at my drink as much as savoring the passion fruit taste.


A Moscow Mule for Naji which was equally original in its presentation. Don’t be fooled by all the ice, there was no stinginess when it came to the actual drink.





The grand finale was a no brainer, the NY Cheesecake with salted caramel in a small cup to pour over and devour. I was allowed to eat half, and I enjoyed every decadent bit. This is a must try for cheesecake lovers, typical New York style!



I enjoyed my night at East Village, from the Manhattan inspired decor to the friendly staff and good food. This hotspot is ideal for couples and groups for drinks or a full fledged dinner. If you have visited this restaurant before, I’m sure you know what I’m raving about, and if you haven’t, add it to your must-try places to dine!

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