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How I Got Over My Fear Of Patterns

My closet is full of colorful clothes, they give off positive vibes and can pick me up when I’m feeling blue. I experiment as much as I can with my style, but I have always been self conscious when it comes to patterns. It was a combination between a fear of looking like I’m a circus act, and being curvy meaning anything that wasn’t solid on vertical stripes would make me appear twice my size. When I would feel like dressing up in long floral bohemian skirts, I had the tendency to wear a solid colored top, preferably a sober color. But because I’ve never been one to follow fashion and trends (as a matter of fact I tend to avoid them like the plague) I recently ditched the fear and the what ifs and started to mix and match the most unlikely tops and bottoms, and for a strange reason they worked. I ended up combining the weirdest items that I already owned with new crazy buys and got rid of my pattern phobia. These are some of the outfits I wore, and I interchanged them to create my personal street style. Now this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, in fact some might even find this too out of the way, but my advice is, whatever you wear, own it. Don’t imitate someone else’s style. You can let it inspire you to take fashion risks but if you aren’t true to what you feel most comfortable in, it will be a style disaster.








Below is the kind of outfit these patterns create and they go well for work and for going out. Here I’m wearing a Ralph Lauren top, Denim And Supply by Ralph Lauren pants, and Bensimon Shoes.


happy wheels 2

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