My Weight Loss Journey Begins

Anyone who has struggled with weight gain and loss over and over again is no stranger to the frustration of the added kilos, and the delight of those lost.

Some people have metabolisms that help them burn their calorie intake quickly, and I envy those people, because what is better in life than food? On the other side of the spectrum where I belong, I constantly watch what I eat, and God forbid I feel like enjoying a well deserved meal or snack once in a blue moon, I find that I gain at least a kilo the next morning. Depressing, right?

I have been trying to get back in shape, having salads for dinner, counting my calories and engaging in some exercise, yet nothing seemed to work. Still I refused to commit to a diet that consists of eating hay-like food and fainting.

The decision to start a diet isn’t easy, it is mainly mental and needs a lot of commitment and willpower, of which I have plenty. I finally got to that breaking point where I knew I had to make a major change and recently started a new lifestyle plan to get back on a healthy track.

My dietitian is my sister Paula Hage-Boutros, B.S. in Nutrition (Lebanese American University) and currently working on her M.S. in Human Nutrition (Notre Dame University) and awarded in supervising HACCP for catering. She previously worked her magic on me, where I lost over 30 kilos in 7 months. I went from wearing sizes large and above to needing the smallest size in the shop, which was a new feeling for me, especially being over the average build most of my adult life. My usually wide hips, big thighs and oddly thin waist were then suddenly proportional, I was thinner and most importantly healthier.


Fast forward to 2 pregnancies later, things aren’t so perfect. The ghastly weight gain with each baby (I delivered big babies, not complaining though), water retention, extended breastfeeding which keeps the extra fat in my body, and the hard time adjusting my food intake thinking less is the way to go. To me this photo seems like a long time ago and a far fetched goal, but now that I have started the diet again, I am reliving the stages all over. The difficult first 3 days and the temptations, and the easier days that followed as I settled into the routine and started looking forward to waking up and feeling lighter. The misconception is that a diet is supposed to be starvation and lack of delicious food, but with Paula, I get a tailored health plan according to my likes, habits and lifestyle. I usually avoid chocolate because I’m afraid of gaining weight, but now I can indulge. I can even have my fix of peanut butter, ice cream, alcohol and pretty much everything I desire, thanks to her incredible technique of distributing meals in a way that helps me lose weight. Not only does she provide a detailed diet like no other health center, she is completely down to earth, understands cravings and helps you control them mentally so that you become their boss and not let them take over.


I may be at the beginning of my journey, but I am feeling better and more confident already, and that’s what is most important. I have lost 3.8 kilos in the first week, and I am so excited to share with you results as I progress towards my goal.


Make sure to follow Paula on Instagram and Facebook @NutritionWithPaula for daily updates on health and lifestyle, the latest research in the field, and nutrition tips. Book your appointments on +96170671032 for state of the art technology in body composition analysis. Location of the clinic is Centre Cabbabe, Mazraat Yachouh, Metn, Lebanon.


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