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Foodie In Paris

Foodie In Paris

A few months back I shared with you my Parisian vacation, which was my first experience of traveling while pregnant. I abstained from including my foodie stops, because a couple of photos won’t do Paris justice, so I prepared a full fledged entry of mouthwatering eye candy for anyone who is planning to visit the city of lights.

La Cure Gourmande is a sweets shop with vintage inspired packaging where you can either buy a pre-packed selection of pastries or choose and weigh your own combo using the available plastic bags. The pastries are so puffy and light, and the display is very enticing, you can’t help but surrender your senses. Beware the total cost though, as each item weighs quite a few grams so it totals up to be equivalent to a decent meal for two.


La Marmite is a great stop during the day while walking in Montmartre for a cup of hot chocolate and some people watching, the whole experience felt like a scene from a movie.



Strolling in the streets of Paris, it was great to some Lebanese restaurants, but what I can’t understand is how are the prices lower than their country of origin?


Le Malakoff is an excellent restaurant in Trocadero, with prompt service, friendly staff and delicious tasting food (the onion soup was heavenly) of generous portions. Parisian restaurants offer water on the house, a hospitality gesture our local restaurants should start embracing instead of forcefully opening an overpriced bottle of water at all their tables.






Angelina was worth the long queue at Rue Rivoli, the interior decoration was very impressive, with gilded furniture and fine detailing. You must order the hot chocolate, it is an experience in itself.


We walked so far and long to reach Berthillon for ice cream, and while it is tasty, it is not as rich and deep as expected.


Restaurant De Flammekueche in Montparnasse is an original Alsatian-Mosellan and German flaming pie of thin crust, cheese and bacon. You get to choose the formula that suits you and get soup, salad, and all you can eat pie of various flavors. Its definitely something to try and tastes nothing like pizza.






After a whole day at Versailles castle and a long promenade in the garden, we arrived at La Flottille at the end of the premises. It was like an oasis for us because we were tired and famished. We ordered pizza, and although it was a bit on the small side, it had a thick layer of cheese and a homemade tomato sauce that definitely made it on the best all time pizza list.




Iolanda at Quai Branly was good for a hefty dinner but the service was horrible. Why exactly? Because when I ordered the chicken off the menu, they charged me way extra because apparently they served me the chicken breast and not the drumsticks, knowing that nowhere in the menu does it state anything remotely ridiculous. The waiter refused to acknowledge his mistake and even the manager was disrespectful. Needless to say I didn’t leave a cent as a tip, and I gave them a piece of my mind on Trip Advisor.




Pain Pain was the ultimate authentic French bakery experience and we stumbled upon it while walking. The aroma will drive you inside as you choose from the extensive pastries and bread for breakfast on the go.



I booked a table for my husband’s birthday at 58 Tour Eiffel, since I had known forever that he had ‘Dining In The Eiffel Tower’ on his bucket list. His expression says it all! The view was spectacular, the experience unique, and the food excellent.





Bistro De L’Arche at La Defense’s business district was a more low key and quiet space, which was refreshing for a change.



I had planned an entire day for shopping at La Vallee Village (which didn’t turn out to be as I expected) and out of all the super crowded restaurants in the adjoining mall, we chose Ristorante Del Arte for some pizza. The vibes and tastes are reminiscent of our very own Napoletana Pizzeria.



Ben & Jerry’s is a must stop even if you’re full after a meal.




I came across this slush shop and tried one, but I wouldn’t recommend it at all, it is too sugary and resembles juice instead of having crushed ice.


George V at the Champs Elysees had a friendly staff and offers a Parisian experience with the small round tables and late night service.




Cafe Montparnasse had an intimate setting and a filling onion soup; the risotto however lacked in taste.





On my way to Centre Pompidou, I randomly found Le Comptoir De Mathilde. Leave it for the Parisians to entice you with their artisanal chocolates!


Vesuvio at Champs Elysees is great for those who want to chill in the breeze while watching people walking up and down. The food is good and the place is always full.




Le Ciel De Paris is a gastronomic experience in its own, with a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower. Due to the fact that I was pregnant and literally could not have a single item from the Michelin star chef’s set menu, we opted for desserts to experience French fine dining.





Le Vrai Paris in Abbesses was one of our favorites because it was far away from the tourists and crowds, and more of a local hangout. The owner of the restaurant was welcoming his regular guests along with the new, and the people were laid back, we even got to chatting with many of the groups next to us. If you ever choose to go there, make sure to try the Croque Monsieur.





While walking I passed by a local farmer’s market, selling everything from groceries to seafood. If you like street fairs then you’re in luck if you happen to find some stands buzzing with energetic buyers and sellers.


I had passed Pizza Pino on the Champs Elysees a few times, but only got to try it Montparnasse, which I am thankful for, because again it is a local joint, with families and elderly couples coming in for lunch. I also recommend it for its tasty dishes and good service.




Le Saint Jean in Montmartre is another local hangout, head there to experience a mellow evening of chitchat and bites.



Amorino is an indulgence and needs no introduction!



There were a few more places we tried for our meals, and literally everywhere we walked whether at the Champs Elysees or Montmartre, there was a wide array of bakeries, cafes, pubs and restaurants to choose from. If you happen to be a fan of fries, try De Clercq ‘Les Rois De La Frite’ which is merely a 5 minute stop at a local fries specialty shop. I wish you a happy culinary journey if you’re ever in Paris, you’d be surprised by the generosity of the portions and the friendliness of the French staff.



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