7 Hours In Athens

What do you do when you have a long layover at the airport?

Make the most of it, go out and explore!

That’s exactly what I did when my husband and I landed in Greece awaiting our flight back home. In fact we had a total of 7 hours from touchdown to take-off, so it was more in the 5 hour range (including transportation!) to be exact. We were determined not to slack at the airport lounge or duty free and instead go for a spontaneous mini adventure.

What’s so great about traveling to places with public transportation is the sheer ease of it and the lack of worry when it comes to traffic. A simple series of questions to the representative at the help desk and we hopped on the metro. The down point of this matter is that the letters are Greek and not translated to English, so finding the right stop was challenging, but made easy with the super friendly people of Athens.

Having done this spur of the moment, we had no idea where we were headed, and our first stop was a very crowded one that we figured ought to be fun which turned out to be The Mall Athens.


It is quite a big mall and we rushed to the food court because, well, what’s more important than food? Many varieties were offered but we stuck to the typical Greek grill and it was the most crowded station.






Believe it or not, the metro station that dropped us off near the Acropolis had a series of artifacts that gave me a quick museum experience.



I fell in love with this neighborhood full of taverns and souvenir shops, we were tempted to go in and have a drink but our main goal was to view the Acropolis. It is a long but beautiful walk upwards on this paved road, with many musicians at frequent stops playing tribal beats under the moonlight. I was enchanted.


The gates to climb up the Acropolis were closed because it was night-time, and apparently the structure was under some kind of renovation, so we asked around and found out that it is best viewed from a high cliff where tourists and locals bring their own food and drinks and lay under the stars to view the grandeur and history.




Walking all the way back down was no bore either, the museum was closed off also but it makes for a good photo-op don’t you think?


We made it back in time for our flight, and I will look back on those few hours with fondness, because it is with spontaneity that memories are best created.

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