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SUD Restaurant’s Summer Menu

Sud is a restaurant in Mar Mikhael which I frequent with my husband on certain occasions and with my friends for a girls night out. I love its location tucked away in a calm courtyard amidst the hustle and bustle of Beirut. Last weekend we were treated to a dinner at Sud to try out items from their new summer menu.





The menu’s design is simple with signature items and classic staples, which makes it easy to decide what to order without being overwhelmed by the choices. The initial setup was a bread basket and local Adon & Myrrh extra virgin olive oil with vinaigrette mixed in a saucer if that is your preference.


I had the specialty drink of the night recommended by our waitress, which is apple based and fizzy, and goes surprisingly well with dinner as an alternative to wine.



I decided to try something I usually wouldn’t, which is the oven baked aged goat cheese with blackberries and honey. At first sight I thought it was a small dish, but the cheese is actually a generous portion and I wasn’t able to finish it. Smear a spoonful of cheese on the toast with honey, and let the sweet and sour combination work its magic. I do prefer if the proportion of garnish to cheese was higher, because you find quite a bit of remaining cheese.


The crispy chicken with parmesan and tomato sauce wasn’t basic at all, and the chicken’s marination before being fried gave it a distinctive taste without it being too oily.



The black Angus beef filet comes with a side of caramelized onions and vegetables, or fries depending on your choice. I ordered my steak medium well, its a good portion of succulent meat, and I combined each bite with the tender veggies. For me, this is a star item, and I would choose a lean steak over any other dish.



Burger fans will rejoice when eating this black Angus burger, the meat is thick and juicy and the sauce doesn’t overpower its taste since it is minimal.


No matter how full one is, there is always room for dessert, especially for pain perdu (French toast) with caramel ice cream. This has got to be the best pain perdu I’ve tasted, the entire outer layer is crispy and the inside is very soft, so each bite combines both for a heavenly result. I recommend you try this out, its a must!


The Horeca 2016 award winning chocolate and peanut butter eclair has an exceptional presentation with a gold leaf on top. The chocolate is deep and dark and is perfect when combined with the peanut butter. As a lover of the latter, I am happy to see this item incorporated in Sud’s menu, as there is always a lack of experimentation in restaurants when it comes to peanut butter.


Sud never disappoints, season after season and year after year, the food is always enjoyable and the service is impeccable. Head to Mar Mikhael for a date night with your special someone or with a group of friends and discover their new menu which is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds, from appetizers to salads to main courses, varying from seafood to chicken to meat. Thank you Sud for this treat, I will definitely be coming back for more, and you can be sure I’ll be ordering the pain perdu!


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